Saturday, September 29, 2007

New Blog

I am using this blog for our day to day stuff but have decided to have an invite only blog to process anything I don't want to put on here. It won't necessarily be home-ed linked.
For an invite e-mail me your login address to
I will grant access to those I know who also blog :0)

Friday, September 28, 2007

You can tell Autumn is here. I just want to curl up and drink lots of tea! I ordered some bio bulbs so at least if the sun isn't shining it feels like it in my house! I have had to have the heating on a couple of times but only when wearing a jumper doesn't take the edge off it.

So things I need to do:

Write that magazine article I am planning.

Paint the whole house before Christmas in order of : my bedroom, hall, kitchen, back room, front room, girls rooms, toilet room! Not much then!!

More ebay.

Go to the allotment and see if I can achieve anything there. At least the weed growth should start to be slowing now.

Sort out coats for everyone. Hmph, will probably mean a trip into Manchester.

This week we had maths club. There is only one left and I don't think mine will be continuing. Much as I like the teacher I think she is used to teaching older kids that you can hand out worksheets to. She tried explaining division and multiples verbally and then handed out the worksheets. Bearing in mind this is the under 10's group, a few just didn't get it. Molly's head was heading towards the table at one point. My favourite bit was that after an hour, the kids had had enough so got up and left. The teacher jollily informed me they had told her the class was finished. Can you imagine school pupils doing that?!!! Actually most home-ed kids I know wouldn't do that but this was a group of the more free range ones!!
On Thursday a few home-ed families did our annual fungus walk at the water park. Off the top of my head there were approx 7 families with about 23 children between us. It was very nice and relaxed. Some of us headed off round the lake at different times in a leisurely fashion. Our highlight was finding the fly agaric. I will try and upload the photo from my phone when I work out how to do it. Although this toadstool is apparently common it is still such a thrill to see it. All the kids were really excited about that.
Towards the end we found an apple tree with fruit on that we managed to get a few off. Course the lovely big ones were out of reach. Still, my Mum has given me a bag of rhubarb so I am going to stew them separately then I can make lots of crumbles or have the apple in my porridge. Yuuuum!

Today the girls had drama. They had a teacher doing some choreographed movement with them and she will continue it next week. M and J went back to their friends house afterwards whilst the older girls did some retail therapy. A and I got the papers done in the afternoon after a quick unusual lunch. Mine being a couple of small potatoes, lots of raw spinah and carrot, 1/2 a vegan hotdog and some butter beans in tomato sauce! I then had to nip and get some food for tea. All are fed now, I am very tired but I still have the supper/bed thing to do and A is off to guides!

Now for a small dilemma. M has been at her dance school for approx 18 months. She will take her grade 1 exam in November. But the woman who teaches her class is often harsh with words to the kids, telling them it's rubbish, not good enough etc. Apparently she had a go at M last week and she was crying. I have suggested to M we find another dance school but she doesn't want to. There is a chance after her exam she will move up and change teachers. D has never had this woman but being older may handle it better. M doesn't have brilliant self esteem/confidence and I don't see how this can help. I would have a word with the head of the school but it is her daughter who is the problem so it may just make it difficult for us instead. Oh what to do? Let M choose? Or suggest going back in a few years? Though she got upset about leaving. Any ideas?

Thursday, September 27, 2007


I am starting my blog afresh and hope to not upset anyone reading by doing so. I ummed and ahhed and thought should I carry on. I think if you don't blog you may not get why people do, but I like it and will continue. I thought maybe I should keep it unpersonal but that is not me and what would be the point then.
I have changed my name on it though in honour of Jane Austen lol and will only use the kids initials.
Thanks for sticking with me guys. Love ya xxxxx

Monday, September 24, 2007

Doctor Who- Mika happy Ending

are you ready.....