Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hiya :-)
Well a blog post is obviously very overdue. I have managed to get to the computer but usually I go on Tribalwars to check our villages/send out troops/upgrade buildings. I do this first thing in the morning and last thing at night. Then if I go on Facebook I usually end up chatting with a friend. Or I change my status on Twitter. All these things are bitty and don't take up too much time but usually then there is a child queue waiting for their turn.
I am now grabbing my diary to blog what we have done in April!!
On the 1st April, A and D had a go on the cycling track at the Velodrome in Manchester. They were a bit nervous about it but after the hour were really happy and excited to have done it. Especially when I explained our gold medallist Chris Hoy had trained there and they had cycled on the same track! I hadn't booked M as her cycling is not up to that really. They don't do a lot of cycling mainly because I can't as Jude doesn't so M never really gets her bike out much!
On the 2nd J's beavers group were having a trip to a local fire station. As I had never been in one I decided to attend (and I took M). Can I point out my interest was purely educational and had nothing whatsoever to do with fire-men-rescues and pumps! It was fab and all the kids had a great time looking in the pumps and playing with the hose.

M has been to 2 fab birthday parties this month. She is friends with twins who had separate lovely parties so M has been to Tatton Park Farm and Stockley farm. Each time, when I collected her from the girls' house, I took J who then got invited in to play in their amazing garden that has a sunken trampoline and purpose built adventure playground at the bottom of it. We hung out there for many hours and I got numerous cups of tea made for me which was lovely as normally nobody here makes me a brew!

On Friday 3rd we went to a family fun event at our church which was great. We teamed up with another family and then competed in various different quizzes eg. guess the ebay buy it now price, label the UK counties, guess the celebrity face! We didn't win but had a really great time and got some chocolate eggs too!

Easter holidays were quite quiet for us so it is weird to be busy with all kids stuff again. I managed to get in making 200 paper pots and sowing approx 120 plants. I did lots of digging both here and at the allotment. I have now planted two big potato beds. M and J helped plant rows of red onions and today I did a bed of white ones. I still have one bed ready for carrots. I bought some fleece from the pound shop as I will NOT lose them to the carrot root fly this year! Seeds wise, in pots we have got sugar snap peas, broad beans, mangetout, beetroot, parsley, squash, sweet pea, wallflower. I can't remember what else off the top of my head lol. Productive growing month anyway!

M went away for a brownie pack holiday from Friday to Monday over Easter. I was worried she would be hungry as she is so fussy but she chose to go so I figured she'd either be hungry or eat lol. She had a great time though but looked exhausted when I collected her. She earned another badge for her sash :-)

April has been the month of hair! J had his long-ish hair cut really short which he loves and yesterday I got my roots done and a cut too. M is due to have hers done next week
Kids have been busy having fun. The latest craze here is making animations which I will post as soon as we have put them together.

The girls have their drama moderation on Friday for their arts award where they will find out if they pass - eeeek! Am sure they will though. Then we are heading into Manchester to see our friends who leave our country for Bulgaria (for ever, sob) in a few days time.
Things are always changing, it keeps one on ones toes for sure!


We did Earth Hour- turn your lights off!:

the girls did another Live Radio show (with home-ed friends) and created a facebook page:

Was that enough of a round up then? :-)