Saturday, November 24, 2007

Harry Potter Puppet Pals

We love this and watch it very often!

I have been having a big sort out of the house. Consequently there are 8 bin bags in the hall for the charity shop so I am hoping to find one that collects. I won't ring them till I have done my kitchen cupboards as I reckon I can get another half a bag from that too! It will look good when I finish but the bit that is taking time is my paperwork and 2 boxes of miscellaneous small bits, play money, marbles etc. I also have plans within the next month to paint my kitchen and bedroom. I think I am doing the kitchen next week. I have decided to just paint it white because it is cheap and when it gets mucky easy to just paint one wall, the one near the bin usually needs that the most.

A and D have been busy with rehearsing their play they are performing next Friday at a local theatre with the home-ed drama group. They have another rehearsal on Monday then the event next week. I am trying to make M a mole mask this weekend for her play (performed first at the same place) and sort out something for A who is a Lion/Human! It will be in a proper theatre so I hope they enjoy it.

M has been doing lots of magic tricks, her favourite thing at the mo. Especially as I found all the bits for her kit though I think she has mislaid the cards again.
J's favourite thing is gaming on Pokemon and playing chess. I played my first ever game with him last night which I won with a bit of help from him (my 5 yr old!!!) explaining how to castle and why. He loves chess and I heard him telling a home-ed Dad yesterday how that was his favourite thing!

I am supposed to be doing papers today so am not very impressed it is raining. In the nearly 3 years we have been doing them we have rarely had to do it in the rain but I think today may be one of those days.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I think I'll just blog about yesterday as it was very busy and my mind doesn't seem able to stretch back beyond that.
I was up very early (for me) as I had to drop M at a friend's house for 8.45. My friend was taking her into Manchester with some other home-ed kids to the Royal Exchange theatre to do a behind the scenes tour and workshop. By taking her in it meant I didn't have to squash on the tram at rush hour.
The older girls were doing the same workshop in the afternoon so they came into Manchester with me at 11. We wanted to get under 16 bus passes but we couldn't find a passport photo booth anywhere. The one at Woolworths didn't work. I think I will try and print something off and post the applications instead.
My friend from Blackpool was travelling into Manchester yesterday for a meeting so I met up with her and we went to the Art Gallery cafe for a brew and a natter. That was very nice! J, bless him sat there patiently while I chatted which I later thanked him for.
We headed the girls off to the theatre for their workshop. They were travelling back home on the bus with friends so we could do our own thing. J, M and I had a quick wander around the Christmas market but to me it mostly looked like lots of beer houses and sausage stalls so we didn't stay long. J was also freaked out by the singing moose's head on a stall. LOL!!!

I collected the girls later from their friends house and brought 2 extra back here. The older ones all ate and complimented my curry, WOW! I then took M and her friend to brownies, did our tetrapak recycling and headed home.

When I had all kids back later on I was showing them centile charts for height. A then measured all the kids and I plotted them on the chart and worked out their predicted adult height.
Basically all mine are at the top end of the chart on height. I was explaining how these charts are not that accurate but it was fun seeing what height they might grow to . J's was 6ft 2 1/2. M's was 5ft9, D's 5ft 9 1/2 and A was 5ft7. I actually expect them to be taller than that as they just keep shooting up!!! We also spent a lot a lot of time using an online converter to convert cm to ft and inches. A then rang her friend who was also looking at the charts. I last heard them discussing weight charts!

The last thing I did last night was watch J play on his PS2 Incredibles game. I had a quick go on it but my attempts were very amateur compared to his. He is VERY good. So is M apparently.
Oh and I also watched M do some magic tricks. She loves doing them so is getting this for Christmas.

More later xxx

Thursday, November 15, 2007

I had a friend and her children come and visit on Monday so that totalled 8. Then on Tuesday a different friend and assorted children came round and that was 11. Tee hee, mostly a house full which makes quiet moments rare but happiness plentiful.

D sat her 4 dance exams over the weekend and seemed to enjoy doing them. She took her bronze tap which since she has never done the lower grades and only started that in April, I think she has picked it up very quickly. I think M's exams may be this weekend. She only has 2. Then it will be time to replace the shoes and leotards as they have grown ... again.
In fact whilst ordering the girls some jeans they are both now too big for most kids clothes so I had to order women's jeans. D is only 11 but the height of a 14 year old with VERY long legs, so the adult length is fine for her. I don't mind buying them as they mostly wear jeans and have 2 pairs each and being adult sizes should last a while - I hope!

Last night I took D, her friend and my Mum to watch Falstaff opera at the Lowry. I got free tickets which would have cost £35 each!!!! It was fun except when a grumpy old man turned to D and R, pointed to them and said "shut up"!!!! How rude. They weren't even talking but may have rustled a sweet wrapper. I didn't find this out till after the show which was a good job for that man I say. I hate disrespectful adults. Children are people too and should be spoken to with kindness and respect IMO. Pity he didn't realise that.

The older two walked the mile and a half to the local baths at 9am this morning to meet their friends for swimming. Not bad seeing though they had kept me awake til 2am!!!! They didn't make it back but have de-camped at a friend's house where they want me to collect them when I can get hold of a car. The younger two are playing noisily and happily with geo-mags.
I am about to attempt operation kids bedroom armed with binbags in a mo. Must take my allergy spray as that kind of thing always sets me off sneezing.

Learning all the time (High Quality 2)

This beautiful video makes me smile and well up at the same time. It is how childhood should be. It was first posted here : Thanks Georgie.
Enjoy ;-)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Did you see his face light up when he spotted the wild boars??? Gosh I LOVE that man!!!
Yes I am of course talking about Simon King. Do you know he has no qualifications but got where he is because of a passion for what he does, truly inspires me that does.

I have been thinking about nature stuff recently. I adore all things natural and want to broaden my knowledge so spend time collecting and ID'ing. I was very pleased when we attended a Make A Difference day event a week or so ago. There were 4 trees with leaves to identify and I got them all correct. I know they weren't especially difficult ones but I was happy none the less!
My kids like certain events that are run outdoors but I want to find ways of letting kids do activities that are really fun for them. Unless nature is your passion, seed collecting and coppicing etc. can be hard work and boring. So I am digging out my woodcraft book and Earthways to see if I can come up with some fun ideas. A bit of browsing the web will be fun too. I would do that for a living really. Getting kids playing/creating outdoors. All kids like to play but my sister did a giant art attack of a fox with autumn twigs and leaves and I think that would appeal to lots of kid. Gives me stuff to ponder anyway which is always good.

My niece has finally gone home. My sis and family popped up to collect her and they stayed for a couple of nights. The girls - my 2, their cousin, D's friend and E's friend all headed into Manchester on Saturday then came back here so their room was full for the night. 5 in one room. Unfortunately that night D vomited all over her bed (YEUCCCCH!) at half 3 so I was shifting kids around, clearing vomit, spraying vinegar, lighting incense and cursing. I think D was super tired after having been away for 2 days then staying up late here. I also think she had over indulged on Halloween and all this resulted in her being sick then sleeping for most of the next 30 hours. She bounced back and was well for her last stage class on Monday though. Her exam is on Saturday and I am working so will arrange a lift for her there.

A went off to Blackpool to see her friend on Monday. She is coming back today. Meanwhile today, D went swimming and is at her friend's house now. M has gone to see Angelina Ballerina Ballet with my friend for a treat so it is just J and me for a bit. He is waiting for his Dad as when they collect A from the station they are popping into a games shop ever hunting for bargain games for him. That is his highlight to the day.

I have felt groggy the past 3 days. I suffered from my severe dog allergy on Monday and spent quite a bit of time in bed. I have then had headaches for the past 2 nights/mornings which is not pleasant. It is only made bearable by my 4-head which I would be lost without. I recommend it if you suffer from headaches. Often that is all I need to knock it on the head!!! without taking ibuprofen. It is good stuff.

Well a quiet moment means I should probably tackle last nights pots and laundry! It's all fun here!!

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Maths club on Monday, the kids did some (a very teeny amount) of work using a number line. Mine didn't take part but I was fine with that. Maths taught in that way on paper sat at a desk is NOT the best way my kids learn. I had mainly gone to collect spare keys for that place from the caretaker. I didn't make it to the allotment as a friend popped round to visit in the afternoon. She helped me sort the top drawer of my filing cabinet out. Only the jam packed bottom one to go. I really need 2 days in to do some sorting but I think Sunday is the only free day next week. By that I mean tomorrow. But we may pop into family choir? or not! Whilst I enjoy singing I'm not sure my girls do. The woman who did our family choir yesterday runs an adult only one on a Wednesday that I would quite like to try. Other than that I shall carry on singing in my kitchen instead!

After trampolining on Tuesday (A nor D went) I left the 2 younger ones at my friends for the afternoon. Rick had put D on a train to Blackpool to stay with a home-ed family and her friend there whilst I was at trampolining. She had gone by the time I got home. I then took the big 2 (one of them being my niece) to have their hair done. Needless to say the 2 teen girls loved this and spent a lot of time photographing themselves and posing! No change there then lol.

On Halloween we had our home-ed social meet in the afternoon then headed to a hall we hired and had a small party. We had made a banner for it and took food to share. Was good fun. A then went babysitting whilst the younger 2 went trick or treating round at my friends. I have never seen so many kids out dressed up as I did on that night. We only got 2 groups here so I handed them some chocolate eyeballs - as you do.
Note to self, buy pumpkin a week in advance next year so can get a big one for 99p instead of a small one for £2!!!!

Thursday spent all day with M at hospital having suspicious bruising on her legs checked out with blood tests and trauma. Was okay in the end as everything came back clear. HARD DAY.

On Friday at Drama my niece presented the play she had spent hours writing. It has been accepted for the kids to perform so she is very happy. She deserves it as it is a good script, I think she is very talented. She goes home tomorrow and it will seem a big empty space when she is gone. I hope she will be back before too long but her family must have missed her too!

I am working a shift tonight and have been doing dance runs on the bus and am feeling a wee bit tired so may sneak half an hour rest this afternoon - after a bit of housework.
Must blog more but teens have discovered msn again and I can't get on here!!