Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Well I seem to get on Facebook more than here and yet we are doing lots in life.
Today I slept in.... which I enjoyed but also lost time, which frustrates me. I had woken at 6.30 after a horrible dream of A having piercings done and screaming in pain and me crying. Gah!!!! She doesn't want piercings so not sure what that was about but it disturbed me. After dozing off, M ran in saying there was buzzing in her room so I checked for bees but couldn't find any. I dozed off again then til 9.30!!!!
I had requested some screen free time today so other things were done including trying out some drawing techniques, Ki-nex, Quizzmo, reading. The older 2 made a start at the Silver Arts award looking at reviews. They then navigated back to bloomin You Tube til they did some Maths from a WH Smith book. J did some reading to A. Not sure what I did, other than try and keep the peace.
I had planned a lot of gardening but am hampered by the weather which saw torrential down=pours here.
I need to start de-cluttering the back room but have to try and do one shelf at a time or I will not achieve anything.

Yesterday we had a big gathering here. Various teens hung out and went to the field to play girl v boy rounders, the girls won lol. I went into Manchester to return some stuff for A. While I was there we popped into a Christian bookshop which was just lovely and had a big ground floor with cafe. We shall definitely be going back. The price for a cup of tea was £1.10 which for the city is VERY cheap!!!!!
2 weeks ago M had her 10th birthday. The week before that I had run a joint games party for her and J (who is now 7). We had 24 kids of all ages playing games on our local playing field then we came back here for a brew. It was busy but lovely. Unfortunately our beloved guinea pig died on M's birthday which we all sobbed over as she was a much loved member of our family. We buried her that evening :-(
On a plus side we received a precious gift of 3 baby guinea pigs a few days later who are called Lilo and Scruffy. They are gorgeous and now live in M and J's room as it is the only room with a door the cats can't get through. In there we also have the 2 hamsters lol so it is like a private zoo. We have animal handling each day to make sure they all get some attention!

On Sunday my children were dedicated at our church and A and I had full submersion baptisms which were just AWESOME! I will post the video when I finally get them up-loaded off D's phone.

I am nearing the end of my accounts and book-keeping level 1 course. I have the exam in 2 weeks but haven't studied yet. It isn't really hard though so I reckon I will be okay.
There are lots of changes going on here and life always seem to go in the direction you least expect it but at least it keeps you on your toes!!!