Friday, July 3, 2009

Another month has passed by and we are now officially in summer. It has been sooo warm the last few days that I have struggled sleeping even with a fan on me all night. Possibly not helped by the water bottle - that is J- that lies next to me lol. But then we are also getting lots of heavy showers so it is probably ideal weather for plants - especially the brambles, bindweed and thistles on my allotment!
I only seem able to get there about once a week at the moment and spend a good 40 minutes each time pulling the bloomin things up! I enjoy weeding the beds but it is the paths which need more wood chip on that they keep springing up from. I seem to have been a bit late in getting things in but I can still sow some mixed lettuce, radish and the like. It is the process I enjoy though, as much as anything I just wish I could get down there more often. Currently the kids have an activity on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday evenings. I am having to go to yoga now on Wednesday and pay for it now as D moved dance classes. Sometimes I nip to the allotment when she is dancing so I may start taking her earlier so I can get more time there.

A few weeks ago I went on a wildflower ID day course which I loved. I am so at home doing that kind of thing.... maybe when I am knowledgeable enough I can get paid for doing it! As you can see I am still trying to rack my brain on how to be self-employed or more accurately what can I do??? I have no particular skill unlike all my friends so it is challenging me and taking up my thought time. I have to have something I can do self employed as leaving the kids for 16 hours a week and home-educating will just be too much. I'm sure it will all work out some way. It has to!!

Yesterday the girls went to a science event at Liverpool university which they enjoyed. I am trying to get into the habit of recording the things they do each day so I have awritten record for the LA when they contact me but it is not something I am used to doing so it will take some time I have no doubt. They enjoyed Liverpool and A came home - as she does- with a Liverpudlian accent. She is very good at accents and it is quite entertaining lol. The house is currently quiet though as the older girls have gone to a friends gig in Marple and aren't due back til later when they will probably stay up late on Facebook. They have some new friends as they went on our church's youth weekend away and made lots of new mates. They have spent much of this week, texting and on Facebook. It is nice but I feel there is always a balance to be struck which can be hard.
They have to do regular work on their silver arts award which I think is interesting yet they are often reluctant to get going on it. Still, they want the end result which is the qualification so I guess they will have to put the work in. They have their last drama class next week when they have a small play to out on for the parents. I am looking forward to the summer break! I expect I will have a house full of kids playing which is nice though. I am planning on painting M and J's bedroom and hopefully the back room while over the summer break. I managed to paint the hall and landing with about 8 children playing in and out so the other rooms should be a doddle!
It is amazing though, how even though we home-ed we still seem to run to terms - I blame all the extra curricular stuff the kids do lol but they do enjoy it.

Anyway , quick post, now supper for the younger two needs doing. I have an early start tomorrow as am at a breakfast and 2 of the girls are dancing.
I must post some pics of our new pets soon!