Friday, February 20, 2009

Photo time!

The Twins!

The Girls

The Boys
I don't know about you but the blooming review seems to have taken up all my spare time. I didn't want to respond until I had read enough other responses. But yesterday was my deadline and I sat there filling it in. I finished by midday and was response number 1315. Funny to be given a number. Reminds me of the fact we are all numbers in a system!

Anyhow, I am back to near full health now. I have had a problem with my arm but I think it is nerve related and it seems to be getting better. Was worried I was going to have to miss the yoga/pilates/ju-jitsu I was doing but I think I will be okay! Phew! Of course having 4 children in the house, at least 2 of them are now a bit ill with minor colds although A has been displaying signs of man flu - yes it crosses genders!!!!

It has been half term week so a few activities have not been on. My sister came to stay for a few days so that was fab. I would not let her leave til someone had taken a nice photo of us together as we are rarely in the photo at the same time but we have succeeded! Hurrah! I shall post them in another post.
Squash has been on daily so we have been trying to get there. If you walk from our house it is approx 1.5-2 miles (at a guess). When my sis was here, my b-i-l took the small kids and we cycled there. Yesterday we walked but D cycled. On a bike it is so quick yet on foot it took me, M and J about 30 mins. Today I have the use of a car so it should be okay. I do encourage them (and not in the way the DSS encourages!!) to go to things like squash as it is good fun and involves lots of running around. I want my kids to be aware of exercise and it's health benefits and also because when you have done it it does make you feel good. Why do you think I do 3 classes a week lol.

Today's plans include re-bounding, a paper-round, sending off a bank account form for Trailblazers, some accounts home-work and some shopping. I think that is enough to be going on with don't you!!

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I am a bit under the weather at the moment. I could tell I was fighting a chest infection. I am okay but I have a bit of a cough so it altered my weekend plans. I was going to go on a 2 hour birdwatch then walk home (approx 90 minute walk) but it was really cold out and I didn't think my chest would benefit from that. Cold air does affect my asthma unfortunately - so I have also had to halt my running programme but plan on resuming it as soon as my cough clears. I am even struggling to get to my exercise classes. I missed ju-jitsu on Sunday as I wasn't up to it and my friend was skipping it. I have also joined a study group that meets alternate Monday's which is my yoga night. I have tried to do about 30 minutes at home today but it is not enough to keep me fit. I am going to try and arrange with the kid's Dad if he can run them to guides on Friday's so I can get to an ashtanga class then. We shall see. I want to do more exercise, daily ideally. I do try and walk a lot but I crave more.

I decided to walk to college yesterday. The bus costs me nearly £3 return and I knew I could easily walk it in 45 mins max. So I set off and stomped there. I timed myself and it took about 25 minutes so unless the weather is appalling I will do that each week. It actually takes the same time as getting a bus because I always get to the stop early anyway.
So we did 2 hours of cash books yesterday. The other women were saying how our tutor spends most of his time out of the class. I think he explains stuff than leaves you to it but is fine if you ask him stuff. I actually prefer this as I like doing study myself but I suppose if you are used to being taught everything it is hard. I have this book(but an older version) my friend lent me so I am using that for reference and actually find it enjoyable. We have no college next week as it is half term. This is fab timing as the girls have a radio session next Monday so I won't have to sort out any childcare till the beginning of March now. It also gives me time for the small amount of homework we have lol.

On Saturday I met with some friends to have a look at a local market that we will hopefully get a stall on, we then had a business meeting and have an appointment with an adviser to ask any questions to on Thursday. It is all picking up speed and we have to roll with it. We don't want it to slow down as we all have to be self-employed this year. I haven't got the will or the energy to fight for an exemption due to lack of suitable childcare. Even though there is a lack, I really just want out of the DSS IS/JSA system. I am heading to new paths and am fine with it. I think I find it easier as I have support of a few women who are all doing this together.
While wandering round the town and market, M and J were delighted we finally found a newsagent selling go-go's so they got some each. At least they were a bit happier then as they were bored of walking round a town and sitting with me at a meeting. They then went off to R's for a few hours. Apparently D likes going because they have a fire lol and our house lacks that cozy aspect!!!

Today the kids have squash, A then goes off to her theatre group. We then have a slight change of a Tuesday plan as I have managed to get tickets to see Horrible Histories WW2 (4 for £10!) so we are off to see that tonight instead of dancing and brownies. A can't come as they are getting close to their performance next month so she can't miss the session. Oh well, sometimes we have to make difficult choices!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


On Monday the girls headed off to do their live radio show. They were a bit nervous but prepared. Their friend R, who was doing their slot with them, had stayed over the night before so they could all have a run though. Apparently when they got there though, the guy who was supposed to be doing the technical stuff was ill and it looked like they would not be able to go live!
My friend J, who was there, offered to supervise as she is CRB checked so this was given the all clear and the 8 kids and 2 watching did a live one hour show. They were really chuffed at succeeding as they had to do the technical stuff themselves! I have yet to hear it though as I was at college at the time. Their friend in Warrington e-mailed in for the quiz and the kids Dad rang in for the home-education phone in. Everyone was definitely glowing afterwards!
D had at first said she didn't want to do the next show so I thought well okay as I need to sort out childcare for me going to college, at least if one of the older girls is home it'll be okay. Now of course, she had such a good time she wants to do it. Great! Well, I am happy she wants to do it but determined to finish this 16 week course come what may.

I had my first college session on Monday. I made sure there was packed lunch stuff in for the big girls. Then I coated up M and J and we headed off on a bus to my friends who was having them for the afternoon. When they were delivered I headed home for a quick lunch before catching another bus to college.
Turns out or first session was an induction, therefore very short. If I could describe the tutor it would be similar to Mike Reid when he used to be in Eastenders!!! I think the classes will be amusing to say the least.
Basically we were handed a 20 question maths test but we could use calculators. Then we were asked to write half a page about anything. Lots of people couldn't think what to write but I reeled off over half a page rant about the latest consultation lol. I had to stop myself. I wonder what the tutors reaction will be to that when he reads it?? I am sure I will get some comments as he doesn't seem the quiet type!
He explained how the course has a 100% pass rate and there is an extra 1hr class for those that want extra help. We have to do a 2 hour exam!!!!!!
He then took us on a tour of the college and showed us the cafe which is a blooming Costa one so expensive prices! I got him to enquire whether they had fairtrade tea and coffee lol. Apparently he said it is rainforest! This meant nothing to him but I was pleased anyway!
So I will be back there next week. I have decided to save the bus fare and walk though as it will only take me about 30 minutes and at least I can choose what time to arrive. If I get a bus I end up really early or really late. Walking means I get fit and can listen to music whilst doing it. It is weird being in college but I think I am going to enjoy it!

Monday, February 2, 2009


Just a quickie (as I have to go out ... in the snow-hurrah!!) but if you listen live at 2pm today to allfm you can hear the home-ed kids do their show :-)