Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A bit of light relief!

You know you live in 2009 when...

1. You go to a party, sit down and take MySpace pics.

2. You haven't played solitaire with real cards in years.

3. The reason for not staying in touch with your friends is that they don't have AIM/LiveJournal/MySpace/Facebook.

4. You'd rather look all over the house for the remote instead of just pushing the button on the TV.

6. Your evening activity is sitting at the computer.

7. You read this list, and keep nodding and smiling.

8. You think about how stupid you are for reading this.

9. You were too busy to notice number five.

10. You actually scrolled back up to check if there was a number five.

11. And now you're laughing at your stupidity.

12. Put this in your profile if you fell for it.
You know you did =D

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hasn't the weather been nice the past couple of days. I hung some laundry outside which was a real novelty. Today seems bright but cloudy. I had been meaning to do some gardening on Sunday. I was planning on weeding my strawberry plot but for some reason I felt exhausted and spent 3 hours that afternoon in bed and still managed to go to sleep before midnight that night. I think being so busy catches up on me so I am trying to go to bed as early as I can. Ideally lol this would be at half 9 but before I know it, it is 11pm! Where does time go???

A has a busy week this week as it is her last week at the Royal Exchange with 3 performances for the paying public on Friday and Saturday. Link for her play here. So she will be there every night now from 5-9pm. She is looking forward to it but it will feel like the end of an era for her. She has finally quit the Garrick - her Saturday drama as she was not enjoying it nor making any friends there. She has met a few people from the Royal Exchange. She went to see one boy who lives a short train ride away, on Saturday. His Mum drove her back home and came in to chat. She home-edded one of her sons for 2 years and was full of praise for it even though they are both in school now. It was refreshing!

I am taking D to have her hair cut today. I was A's turn last week. It shall be my turn next month after we have got through the expensive dentist trip due next week! Haven't quite worked out how to pay for it yet but am seriously looking into dental insurance.

The kids Dad has no job at the moment so is offered no help whatsoever. not that we get much when he is but I occasionally manage to squeeze some money out for the dentist. He has started seeing his ex again who lives in Hereford. He would like to live there I think so I am gently encouraging. The kids can have trips there whenever they choose. He is planning to go there on Sunday but so far only M is possibly going but she isn't too keen. Gah! Sometimes it was so much easier when he couldn't be bothered with them. Now he turns up when he feels like it and I never know when that will be. If he is in Hereford he couldn't do that... I think!!

Last night I stumbled on this conference I would LOVE to go to. It is in July so I wil see if anyone I know is up for going. I think the teens would love it too though not sure of the younger ones.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Please click on the light switch in the top right hand corner. I think it's pretty groovy :-)

Monday, March 2, 2009

Yippeeee! We are finally in March and spring is springing. The shops of full of seeds and gardening supplies. I managed to get to the allotment and do an hours weeding. I love it when no-one is there and I can just kneel and weed. Such bloomin good therapy! The weeds were not too bad but my poor kale has been happily munched by slugs. Oh well, not much I can do about that!

There has been lots of gaming going on here both on screen and off. We seem to be playing lots of Uno and Go Fish. It's great fun as we all join in. The latest screen craze is this one:

which Jude found and I started playing to help him out. It can be quite advanced as you have to attack villages and work out strategy and how many men to send in. Looks fun but I spend all my time building up my defensive wall and reserves. Probably says something about my life lol.

I am off to college later today. The girls are doing their live radio broadcast at 2pm. Click here to listen. I have asked a friend to come round with her kids to mind M and J (as the girls normally do it) which has worked out well for both of us.
Off to rouse kids who need to practice for their radio show now!