Friday, December 28, 2007

Well Christmas came and went. Christmas day was nice if very tiring. My usually up late kids were waking me at 7.30!! They did relent and then give me till 8 though. Bear in mind they hadn't gone to sleep till nearly 2am!
We came down and they opened their pressies. An assortment of DS games, books, dvd's etc. J has not put my DS down since he loves Pokemon Pearl.
My Mum and Dad popped in for a brew and some cake and we all said Merry Christmas to my sister and family on the webcam.
After our veggie meal there was lots of TV viewing as is customary!! R came round to see the kids from 3pm onwards but it didn't spoil my day.
On boxing day R took the kids to his sister in laws where they saw some other family members. He has just recently took them to see his family so they are getting a bit familiar with them. All this after 14 years!! He mentioned the other day he'd like to take the older 2 girls to Spain some time in the spring. His Mum has an apartment there. I am just relieved he doesn't want to take the younger 2 as that requires too much trust. At least I trust A and D to look after themselves/each other.
So on boxing day I had a couple of hours of me time, very nice.

Now it is all back to normal! I went food shopping and the shops were not too busy. Hurrah!
I popped in to say hello to a friend yesterday and took the kids. A stayed here transforming her bedroom and putting her dismantled bed back up. I think D is planning to do the same today.
While at my friends house D managed to link her DS up and get extra fruit for our animal Crossing. If you play the game you will understand how exciting that is lol.

We are all getting ready for the arrival of my sister and family at the weekend. Good times ahead indeed.
Before then I am reading this book so then I can lend it to my sis. Must plod on with that then.

Monday, December 24, 2007

A right 'ole festive humbug!

Erm, that's me.
This season does not in any way make me feel jolly. I do not understand the mass hysteria and gluttony that takes over people. Why must they stack trolleys full of excess food? The shops are shut for 2 days! Just 2! Surely a loaf of bread and some extra potatoes is enough to keep people going.
D and I hit the mall at 9 this morning as my money only went in today. At that time it was busy enough but not heaving as it would have been later on. I got a few items to tide us over. I haven't really got anything special for Christmas day other than a quorn roast. On the way home we bumped into our neighbour who gave us a lovely tin of organic shortbread. Yummmm!

We have been slightly festive in that we have made Christmas cookies and the kids had fun decorating them yesterday. We have also made a cake and iced that today. Having little money means we bake more so the kids never really feel like they are going without. They don't have an excess of presents either but have about 5 each which means my house doesn't get needlessly cluttered lol!
Christmas tv has been good but tomorrow I think I am only looking forward to Dr Who.
The children's Dad has invited himself to our meal as he paid the £2 for the quorn roast. I plan on escaping to my bedroom for a bit. I hope the kids have a good time.

Merry Christmas everyone xxxxxx Joy and blessings to you xxx

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I wonder if my ticker will show how many days to the next Christmas on boxing day ........ Must change it then lol.

Well we are preparing for Christmas. I made my first ever vegan Christmas cake. I made some mini ones too, to try them and they are very nice indeed. The girls have been shopping for presents. I haven't done much shopping but I may nip and do some on Friday. I will probably have to get our food on Monday as that is when I get my money.

Yesterday was our last trampolining of the year. I even got to have a go. I thought we were having to get the bus but my ex dropped the car off at the last minute. I have been managing okay without his car. I borrow my Mum's in the evening or we get the bus/tram. Each trip out either costs £6 for the bus or £3.50 for the tram. It's a matter of budgeting for that. I haven't been to the allotment for a couple of weeks, but I need some wood to make some more raised beds first. That will be my new year project.

We had our home-ed Christmas party. It went fine but was a bit too busy for my liking. I think 50 max would have done but there were more than that. J coped okay because he enjoyed the card making table. We also had badge making and a talent show. The older girls did some parachute games with the younger ones. I have decided I don't feel up to having my annual open house - mainly cos my house is open all year anyway!
Today is the last official activity. We have a home-ed meeting and M's last swimming lesson. We really do have nothing on then. Oh except A who has a few babysitting shifts booked.

More recent stuff, M and D got their dance exam results yesterday. M got commended and highly commended and D got Highly commended and also honours in her tap and national. They have both moved up classes now and the list of things I need to buy is increasing. They need new leotards and tap shoes with double taps. I am going to sit down and make a long list of stuff I need to plan for and do some financial planning, especially as my electric has gone up to £69 a month! It should however be a bit cheaper now my washing machine has packed in. It is a good job my Mum lives at the top of the road as I am nipping there daily with laundry. I'm sure she will get fed up of that pretty soon though! I could always try washing everything by hand in the bath. My neighbour does that. Maybe I could turn it into a home-ed project .... life before useful machinery.......

Saturday, December 15, 2007


A home-ed Dad asked the older kids if they wanted to help him install a nativity village at the city's cathedral. So the past week or so, many days have been spent there, painting, creating and helping out.
We all went yesterday (except D who is a bit poorly). J and M spent 3 hours in the cathedral and helped P(the artist) collect grass for the stables. One of the loveliest bits was listening to Chetham's school of music's rehearsals for their carol concert, complete with live music. All for free. We had a lovely day. The pictures are not fab quality but it reflects the nativity anyway.

Saturday, December 8, 2007


A week ago I took A for an audition at a local(ish!) theatre to join their performing arts academy. She said she didn't think she did well and forgot her lines but the guy there told her he thought she had done very well and they know auditions are hard.
Today they rang offering her a place. Yippppeeee!
Now I have to work out the money side as I don't know yet how much it costs but I won't let that stand in our way!!
Wow, it is December and I have not blogged!!!!!!!

We have been busy as usual. I managed with my Mum's help to paint my kitchen. Before it was a dirty magnolia, now it is crisp white (because it's cheap!!). Next week I am painting my lovely boxroom lilac!

The girls have been doing their usual drama/dance/guides etc.
Last Monday A went to a medical lecture with the guide group. It was all about gasses and she found it really interesting. I would have gone but it was my one free night/day so I didn't want to go out. I actually find it very hard to motivate myself to go out once it goes dark. I just want to stay warm indoors instead. D didn't go as she was in a - for want of a better word - reclusive or one could say creative stage. She stayed in her room, drawing, creating and sewing for days. She is struggling with A's companionship a A has fallen into an evening pattern of sitting on the computer/talking on the phone for hours each evening. Of course this is boring for D but I kindly explained sometimes we have to learn to like our own company. She does get company of others in the day and dancing in the week. She has also started up at guides again. This week they did Christmas crafts and made candles so so far she is enjoying it.

Last Friday was the big drama group production. The girls were there all day but all enjoyed it. M is so shy though so it was a big thing for me to see her on a stage. She doesn't have much confidence so I am hoping the drama will help with that!
Drama is now finished for the year.
Amazingly before the year is out though, we still have a last brownies/guides session, dance classes, 2 trampolining classes, Home-ed Christmas party (120 people!!!), singing session, swimming lessons (must re-book by 14th!) and a home-ed social meet to which as it is cold and wintry I am taking a big pan of soup to share!!

My older girls have spent the last 2 days here helping an artist (home-ed Dad) construct a model of Bethlehem village for a nativity display. They have been painting and plastering and having lots of fun. I am going there next Thursday to take some photos of the finished result (or if I have the energy I will do it on Wednesday as there is a Christmas sing-along we might attend!!) which I will then blog.

The rain is not stopping here so yet again A and I will be soaked whilst doing the papers. I'd like to say I will wait till it stops but having grown up here I know when the day starts very grey and rainy it usually sticks in for all the daylight hours. I just have to resign myself to getting VERY VERY wet!!