Sunday, May 16, 2010

Planet Aimée

I just had to write this as we have had such a laugh today. Molly and Jude were doing a presentation about planets. When they had finished, Aimée jumped up and presented her planet.

Here it is:


The planet Aimée is the 3rd planet from the sun - same as the earth.

Planet Aimée is an over-active living organism. The planet is often known as the lonely planet as it enjoys the company of other planets, at all times.

The planet Aimée is the most beautiful planet with it's bright pink hazey glow.

Planet Aimée is made out of a delicate substance and is filled with a gooey centre.

Aimée is the smallest planet in the entire solar system.

Thursday, May 6, 2010

Today is the day

Today I shall be voting - for a party I have never voted for before. The whole fight the home-educators have had to endure over the last 2 years has meant I have learned a lot about the politial process and studied politics in more detail.I have shared what I have learned with my kids as I would like them to know more about how our system works and more importantly what you can do as an individual to help change policies or prevent bills being passed.
So I shall be sleeping infront of the tv tonight waiting as the results come in to find out who wins and then calculate how long it may be before we have to put on our home-ed armour again and defend our rights to educate our children as we choose.
A right that currently seems so fragile......