Sunday, September 21, 2008

Excuse my rambling post!

I am sat here with a brew after having eaten my Sunday dinner listening to the chart show on the radio (currently at Madcon - good groove!). All the kids have nipped out for an impromptu game of tennis at the park. I think, looking over my shoulder despite some strange clouds there is going to be a nice sunset! Well that has set the scene here lol.
In an hour I am going out to do week 3 of a free self defence ju-jitsu course. It is good fun but I don't particularly like falling. I suspect there is a correct way to do it and I'm not sure I have quite got it sussed.

I had sorted out my computer again after thinking it had died completely. My friend thinks it's hard drive doesn't have long left. We shall see.
What is new here ... hmmm. The big thing this term (gah! schooled society/head...) is that J has started 2 activities which unfortunately both are on Thursday. This means I take him to the RNCM in Manchester for 4.30 where he takes part in the junior strings project. He had his first session last week. I told him I wouldn't watch (as was unsure if he would join in if I was there) but would be in the building. He was so brave. He went in, took his shoes off and when I went back over an hour later he was in the circle clapping, singing, joining in and he really liked it. The first year is based on music and movement and then in the second year they get given an instrument which he is excited about already! We then ran out of the building across the road and hopped on a bus to get him to beavers which he started last week. He is really happy with his new activities and asks when they are on again. I have told RNCM we would like to move to Weds as it is so much on a Thursday. After beavers, my Mum (who has done pilates in the same building) then takes him home while I do yoga there. This means we leave the house at 3pm. J gets back at 7.45pm and me at about 9.30pm.!!!!!!!
Because Thursday is so busy we have had to stop French which A is sad about but I explained sometimes we have to quit things for a while.

In fact I am going through an interesting phase right now. I want more time at home and less stress about structured work. I think we shall de-school again ..... until I notice all my autonomously educating friends are no more. But that is why if I stay in more and hang out with my kids which I find most enjoyable I am less likely to stress about reading ability, kids learning etc away from outside pressures. YES!!!!

A and D keep coming up with different ideas to make themselves famous. It is very entertaining. They are trying to teach themselves the guitar at the moment and writing songs. They haven't started on their drama arts award which has to have bits done by Friday so we will have a go at that this week.
My treat to myself this week is to leave the kids here and go off to the cinema alone to watch the new movie with Colin Firth in. I always feel weird going out alone if it's a school day but we are NOT a school family so their bloomin terms should be irrelevant to me. It is amazing how deep that stuff goes.

A had decided she only wanted to buy clothes from charity shops, car boots or ebay so she got some nice jeans for herself off ebay. They both need some shoes so I will take them to Soled Out as they have some good offers on. Can't face TKMax but would brave it if someone was minding M and J.

I plan on doing "a day in the life" in photos this week. I challenge my other blog friends to do it too. I might try and do one every month because it is very enjoyable. Or is it only me that thinks that? ..............