Wednesday, October 22, 2008

I really want to get into the habit of blogging more often. But then I also want to learn the guitar. And I NEED to trim all the hedges in my garden, weed it and vac the whole house ....... I like a challenge!

Yesterday I sent off my consultation response on no-one written off. It took me a while as it was the first time I had looked at the 118 page document and the deadline is today so I wanted to do it last night or I may not have managed it today. I am going to sit down later and read through info on the CME consultation. I actually think I will check the web page each week and respond to as many consultations as I can so at least I feel we are living in a democratic society!

The Birthday Girl!

Last Friday it was A's 15th birthday. We had a lovely family trip to the university museum. On the way there A, caught up in the student atmosphere (busy as freshers week has just been) declared how she wants to go! She is already talking about going to college in 2 years at 16. Her friend has started a performing arts diploma that A is very keen on. I have been explaining their options for some time now. I am not bothered about them cramming GCSE's in before 16. It is their choice and there is always a way if you want to do something. I have mentioned though,it may be useful if you are aiming for college at 16 to be doing some English and (A's dreaded) maths before then as I know the students are tested on both of those. It's all in the "might" stages and I don't want to rush our lives away but at least we are all aware!
Talking of studying, I have been looking at colleges and university. As I am aware my time of just being allowed to be home with my kids is nearing an end. When I am moved onto JSA in (maximum) 2 years I need to have something in place. I contemplated self employment but struggle to think what I could employ myself as! I have no drive for a career try as I might to locate one! I do however fancy being a student but need to look at the financial implications of that. If I still get rent and council tax I would go for it. I would need to do a one year access course then my dream is to do this degree! I suppose I like my older kids have to have a vague plan in mind now. That plan will involve the older ones looking out for the younger ones when I need to be out but they are all aware we have to do what we can to keep our family together. Nobody is saying "okay Mum, we'll all go to school then" - which I am very glad about :-)

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