Tuesday, November 11, 2008

I used to blog so often but we have got so busy that I have to choose to do tidying or computer time. That also depends on who is queuing here lol. At the moment J is playing on Pokemon, M is upstairs in a darkened room (she is averse to opening curtains lol) and the older 2 have gone off ice skating.
What have we been up to?
Usual activities! D and M have been taking their twice yearly dance exams. M had her tap and ballet on Sunday. D did her first slowdance (like modern dance - not ballroom!) exam. Next Sunday D then has her tap, national, ballet and stage exams. On the remembrance Sunday when the girls were doing their exams, A was singing at the Manchester cenotaph with the Manchester Girls Choir. She is loving it and is happy that they get to perform. She loves performing :-) Later this month they have a gig at the Cathedral then in December at the Royal College of Music. A may not have any formal qualifications to her name but she is filling her time with other stuff!

Last week A and D went along to our church playgroup to help out. They had a great time and plan to go each week. They will take it in turns, one in the kitchen chopping fruit and brewing up for Mum's, the other helping the kids do crafts and playing with them. Obviously because they are home-edded they can help out with things like this in the day. It all adds to a rich social experience IMO.
A wants me to sort out work experience for her. I need to post on some lists about that.
A and D have been busy doing their arts award folders ready for assessment in January. That and planning their next live radio broadcast.
It does seem A and D do a lot which I suppose is normal as they are the older ones. M and J get to home-ed stuff and drama as well as brownies, beavers, junior strings, swimming and dance so it is not as if they have nothing.
A has been discussing college again. It is a difficult issue which I may blog on the other blog when I can lol. It is interesting to see the stress and pressure kids will put on themselves because of society and peer expectations and outcomes though. I used to thing teens had a great life an they do but there are always struggles.
My life is pretty good. I love my ju jitsu but worry about the injury rate lol. I am learning I have quite a high pain threshold though.
I had been contacting colleges about me doing s degree but I really don't want to do it before J is 11 and so am going to somehow go self employed when the DSS removes me from IS in the next 2 years. I am trying to flow with it as resistance is futile lol.
Lastly here is what D has enjoyed doing recently. Spending hours altering photos on their pc. Here is one she did for Aimee which I think is pretty fab!


Crunchy said...

Love the photo Lou!

Mrs Darcy said...

Me or A? lol. Nice to see you here :-)