Friday, December 19, 2008

I can't believe how quickly 2008 has gone. I expect because we are so busy. But boy have I enjoyed it. My mission today is to write an xmas letter for some cards I still have to send. I have my annual party on Monday so we are getting ready for that but still have a shift at the Lowry on Saturday and A singing in her Christmas concert on Sunday. Our rest really begins on Tuesday 23rd and will continue til about Jan 6th. I might try and fit in some hall painting then.
A week ago A, D and I went to Blackpool. A and I went to see the Kooks - who were awesome!! It was a bit scary as we started off at the front but I was being crushed alive - and I mean really crushed so I headed further back where there was room to dance as well. D stayed at my friend L's house who lives in Blackpool. The kid's Dad had M and J for the night but I relented and let him stay here with them as they were both really sad about it. Our home is so homely they don't like going to his!
After the Kooks when A and I returned back to L's we had such a laugh and a water fight ensued between L's husband and the older girls. We were up til 2 laughing. It is always so good to see them as the kids are all lovely and all get on so well together. They are planning on moving to Bulgaria in May so I am hoping to fit in some more trips before then!

Last weekend A and D travelled with my parents to visit my sister and their cousins. The car journey was stressful but they had a great time. Though I think D sometimes gets really Mum-sick (not home-sick, it's different!) as she phoned me several times each day. The day after they got back, A spent the night being sick - I think from exhaustion. This was tricky as we had our annual home-ed Christmas partythe next day and she was in the drama play there but she managed it and had picked up as the day wore on.
The party was fun but tiring. I suppose it is different when you help organise something. We ran a raffle to raise money for a memorial bench for our friend. There were about 30 families there but it all went smoothly and we were home for 5pm.
A then went off with my Mum to find us a Christmas tree - pics to follow! I love having a real tree - the smell is gorgeous! The girls' friend stayed over that night and we rounded off the eve by all playing who wants to be a millionaire. We allowed ourselves the use of books and rang many people - it was a real laugh. We even won the million! AND we now know Van Gogh's only painting to be sold during his lifetime was "The red vineyard"!!!!!

Yesterday a big group of home-educators went to see a fantastic puppet play called "The Man Who Planted Trees". The best show I have ever seen and I highly recommend it. We were even chatting with a guy on the tram on the way home as he was asking us about it. I'd like it on dvd so I am looking to source that.

So we have also had lots of carol singing and I have done very little shopping - I will probably finish it on Tuesday. We really have a small christmas here but we are all still happy. Best way to be really :-)


Gill said...

Lovely to read such happy, busy news.

Bulgaria's a bit of a shock though! I can just picture them reclining in one of those huge mansions over there, though, can't you? :-)

Mrs Darcy said...

Lol Gill, I have seen footage of the house. A 4 bed with front and back large gardens! Very cheap to buy over there apparently. I admire their sense of adventure though!

Libby said...

Fantastic to see you and the girls again :-)
Bulgaria isn't that far really and its the only place we can afford a house with a garden ;-) Anyway, easyjet fly there for £32.00, and we will always have room for friends!