Monday, March 2, 2009

Yippeeee! We are finally in March and spring is springing. The shops of full of seeds and gardening supplies. I managed to get to the allotment and do an hours weeding. I love it when no-one is there and I can just kneel and weed. Such bloomin good therapy! The weeds were not too bad but my poor kale has been happily munched by slugs. Oh well, not much I can do about that!

There has been lots of gaming going on here both on screen and off. We seem to be playing lots of Uno and Go Fish. It's great fun as we all join in. The latest screen craze is this one:

which Jude found and I started playing to help him out. It can be quite advanced as you have to attack villages and work out strategy and how many men to send in. Looks fun but I spend all my time building up my defensive wall and reserves. Probably says something about my life lol.

I am off to college later today. The girls are doing their live radio broadcast at 2pm. Click here to listen. I have asked a friend to come round with her kids to mind M and J (as the girls normally do it) which has worked out well for both of us.
Off to rouse kids who need to practice for their radio show now!

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