Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Eyjafjallajökull - You're doing it wrong!

It is a lovely sunny day and M is supposed to be going swimming with 2 friends. But she is still in her pyjamas and making no effort to change that, despite me saying she may not be able to go if her lift turns up.

I have made no plans today which is not a good start at all. Must try harder...

I have some top trump cards the younger two made on planets that I need to laminate.
I am going to look up some information on Iceland as I am quite interested in the country now and wonder what it is like to live there. This will no doubt be shared with the kids.
Late last night we stayed up late trying to learn how to pronounce Eyjafjallajökull. We found this video which had us in stitches and we still haven't cracked it, but are getting there.

We have been looking at flight path of planes which has been interesting as they opened the air space again. Although this prompted some fear in my dd as she asked whether a plane would come down on us in the night.....

We have also been looking at volcanoes and watching every day the Icelandic Met office page for any news on whether Katla is going to blow, which would have severe consequences for the UK.

As well as all the geography related stuff we have also been looking at and discussing politics. Using the BBC site and others it has made us aware of the lack of democracy and how although we have a vote each, we are pretty much powerless to change anything. Here it is a safe Labour seat, though the borough is Tory. Thus we have had no campaigning by LibDems.
I have now got a book on politics so we read up on hung parliaments, structure of government, Quangos etc. As a family, we watched the live TV debate together and discussed psychology.

Basically learning all the time, even though I feel not much is happening!

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