Thursday, July 17, 2008

Hi everyone! I think I have sorted the computer with a different modem. Well I can get on-line now but haven't blogged.
Life is busy here though winding up for the summer. So french, drama, AP, singing stops for a few weeks.

So far A+D have lined up for the summer weeks:
cycle training
Lowry theatre summer school
YHA holiday
Possibly another summer school if I book it next week
swim camp/squash
M is doing the Lowry summer school and wants to do the other one too.
Jude will be spending all his time with me moaning cos his sisters aren't here lol.

A has carried on doing the local radio with friends. D has given it a miss. In November they will both be starting the arts award for drama which is like D of E but within the arts.
Talking of D of E they want to do that as well and A is doing her Baden Powell award through guides.

I think I need to fill my time with exciting stuff. I am still gardening/doing the allotment. We had a tour round a friends allotment last night. I came away with globe artichokes, onions, shallots, lettuce and we ate evening primrose flowers and berries. I then went to my allotment and planted some of said lettuces, mixed leaves and leaf beet. So far I have been harvesting runner beans, radish, peas and rhubarb but everything seems to be growing so sloooowly this year.

We have the girls friend here again this week. The older girls are plotting to tag along to a friends camp next week. I was invited to this one but have neither the energy nor cash for it. I really want a holiday with the kids but August is ruled out as it is too busy. So I plan to down size my tent that month and go somewhere in September. We may get on the camp in September that all my friends go to but we are on the waiting list for that one. Either way I will have a camp ready in reserve even if it is just my family but we would invite the girls' friends. I would like to run a not back to school celebration camp. It would have to be North Wales (as we want beach nearby) and accessible by train as we are without car.

My summer plans are to paint some rooms and sort out my garden and allotment. I suppose I can paint if it rains and garden if it doesn't lol

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