Saturday, June 28, 2008

Still haven't sorted the computer, it is getting very complicated and I have given up for now. I just access the web from other people's houses instead lol. Tonight A and her friend from Blackpool are heading up the road to my Mum's to have a night of music and msn while the house is empty as they are missing the internet!

This evening I have dropped M and D at their big annual dance show held at a boy's school. They are there from 6-10.30 tonight (the same yesterday) and 1-5.30 tomorrow. They are in classrooms next door to each other which I am glad about. I chaperoned the first show last night. The show went well but the noise of being stuck in a stuffy pokey classroom with 18 girls aged 10-13 all excited was terrible after a few hours. D was not well towards the end of last night and is very pale today. But she has still gone to perform tonight. I have mentioned it to the staff so she can have quiet time if it all gets too much. M loves it as she in a classroom with her friend from the dance school and they are all so happy to do this show. There is probably also the novelty of being in a classroom. Both my girls are in maths classrooms so maybe they will learn something from the wall displays rofl. Must mark that down for the LA!! I am going to watch it tomorrow with A. I feel bad as A's friend will have to stay home alone tomorrow as the show is sold out. I didn't know she was coming till the day before she arrived so I couldn't plan it in advance. These tickets sold out very quickly.
Bev Hughes was watching it last night. I should have took her to one side to ask about lone parents and their income cuts!

So it has been lots of performing, both on radio and in dance shows, recently. I on the other hand have been down to the allotment. I built a really big raised bed last week and sowed some rocket, dwarf beans and mixed lettuce leaves. I have also harvested some peas. I am so happy pottering in the earth. I wonder if I could get paid for working 16 hours a week on my allotment???
As you can see, thinking of how/what/when questions relating to my impending employment status once the white paper is issued on lone parents welfare reform is occupying a lot of my thoughts. Sometimes it stresses me and I find myself shouting more at the kids which then makes me more stressed. Sigh, gotta role with it and breathe more.
Lottery ticket anyone?

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