Thursday, August 14, 2008

I am avoiding something I want to do be doing by blogging rofl. Actually for a VERY rare couple of hours I am ALONE in the house! I have had a bath, next a brew then I WILL do the exercise dvd I am putting off. I want to get my heart pumping as I can feel myself getting sedentary. Yoga has finished this month and weeding on my knees doesn't get me breathless so I am trying to do a dance workout of the girls lol.

Last week A, D and M took part in the Lowry summer school that was based on musicals. They were there every day 10-5pm and where absolutely exhausted by the end of the week. They had a fab time again and J and I watched the end of week show.

A and D had Saturday to recover and then on Sunday they went off to Leicestershire for a youth hostel activity holiday. I have heard bits from them as they cal me and tell me about zip wires, high ropes, sharing bunk barns with 15 girls! There has been a bit of trouble from one girl (who when found out they don't go to school) was saying that Aimee's parents shouldn't raise her like that blah blah. I think she is coping though. I will find out tomorrow as I collect them both at 3.

I have been doing some harvesting at the allotment. My carrots were beautiful but unfortunately the carrot root flies also thought so, damn them. Here is a photo of bits.

I still have sweetcorn, beetroot, cabbage, cauliflower, more beans, chard, spinach, lettuce to harvest from. I am soon putting in some winter crops of cabbage, kale and corn salad. All my beds are not in use. I have 11 so far of varying sizes and plan to have at least 16 done by winter. I will then cover them and maybe throw some manure on some if I can get round to it. I do enjoy weeding though. But only the kind where I am on my knees weeding a bed. Not the hack it all back in a field type. It is good therapy which let's be honest we all need!!!

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