Thursday, February 5, 2009


On Monday the girls headed off to do their live radio show. They were a bit nervous but prepared. Their friend R, who was doing their slot with them, had stayed over the night before so they could all have a run though. Apparently when they got there though, the guy who was supposed to be doing the technical stuff was ill and it looked like they would not be able to go live!
My friend J, who was there, offered to supervise as she is CRB checked so this was given the all clear and the 8 kids and 2 watching did a live one hour show. They were really chuffed at succeeding as they had to do the technical stuff themselves! I have yet to hear it though as I was at college at the time. Their friend in Warrington e-mailed in for the quiz and the kids Dad rang in for the home-education phone in. Everyone was definitely glowing afterwards!
D had at first said she didn't want to do the next show so I thought well okay as I need to sort out childcare for me going to college, at least if one of the older girls is home it'll be okay. Now of course, she had such a good time she wants to do it. Great! Well, I am happy she wants to do it but determined to finish this 16 week course come what may.

I had my first college session on Monday. I made sure there was packed lunch stuff in for the big girls. Then I coated up M and J and we headed off on a bus to my friends who was having them for the afternoon. When they were delivered I headed home for a quick lunch before catching another bus to college.
Turns out or first session was an induction, therefore very short. If I could describe the tutor it would be similar to Mike Reid when he used to be in Eastenders!!! I think the classes will be amusing to say the least.
Basically we were handed a 20 question maths test but we could use calculators. Then we were asked to write half a page about anything. Lots of people couldn't think what to write but I reeled off over half a page rant about the latest consultation lol. I had to stop myself. I wonder what the tutors reaction will be to that when he reads it?? I am sure I will get some comments as he doesn't seem the quiet type!
He explained how the course has a 100% pass rate and there is an extra 1hr class for those that want extra help. We have to do a 2 hour exam!!!!!!
He then took us on a tour of the college and showed us the cafe which is a blooming Costa one so expensive prices! I got him to enquire whether they had fairtrade tea and coffee lol. Apparently he said it is rainforest! This meant nothing to him but I was pleased anyway!
So I will be back there next week. I have decided to save the bus fare and walk though as it will only take me about 30 minutes and at least I can choose what time to arrive. If I get a bus I end up really early or really late. Walking means I get fit and can listen to music whilst doing it. It is weird being in college but I think I am going to enjoy it!

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