Friday, February 20, 2009

I don't know about you but the blooming review seems to have taken up all my spare time. I didn't want to respond until I had read enough other responses. But yesterday was my deadline and I sat there filling it in. I finished by midday and was response number 1315. Funny to be given a number. Reminds me of the fact we are all numbers in a system!

Anyhow, I am back to near full health now. I have had a problem with my arm but I think it is nerve related and it seems to be getting better. Was worried I was going to have to miss the yoga/pilates/ju-jitsu I was doing but I think I will be okay! Phew! Of course having 4 children in the house, at least 2 of them are now a bit ill with minor colds although A has been displaying signs of man flu - yes it crosses genders!!!!

It has been half term week so a few activities have not been on. My sister came to stay for a few days so that was fab. I would not let her leave til someone had taken a nice photo of us together as we are rarely in the photo at the same time but we have succeeded! Hurrah! I shall post them in another post.
Squash has been on daily so we have been trying to get there. If you walk from our house it is approx 1.5-2 miles (at a guess). When my sis was here, my b-i-l took the small kids and we cycled there. Yesterday we walked but D cycled. On a bike it is so quick yet on foot it took me, M and J about 30 mins. Today I have the use of a car so it should be okay. I do encourage them (and not in the way the DSS encourages!!) to go to things like squash as it is good fun and involves lots of running around. I want my kids to be aware of exercise and it's health benefits and also because when you have done it it does make you feel good. Why do you think I do 3 classes a week lol.

Today's plans include re-bounding, a paper-round, sending off a bank account form for Trailblazers, some accounts home-work and some shopping. I think that is enough to be going on with don't you!!

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Deb said...

IKWYM about the review - why should we have to spend so much time simply defending our rights and those of our children? Grrrr.