Thursday, August 6, 2009

The swifts are still here so it must still be summer. Today actually feels like it because the sun is shining for a rare change. Although when I came out from yoga the other night it was getting dark which made me think how winter is drawing in already!
I have baked potatoes cooking in the oven, A and D are at a friends, M and J have a friend round so there is lots of card and electronic gaming going on. I may tempt them out to the park or playing field later, I fancy stretching my legs. I am really into gardening at the moment as it is in dire need of weeding. My green bin is full though and only emptied every 2 week, I may start making a pile instead.
I probably need to phone the agency as there is a tile that has come of the roof that is hanging in the gutter. If it falls it could injure someone, but I need to tidy down the side of the house first. My ex has some scrap metal he dumped there which I may well try and take to the tip tomorrow. I asked him if he would do a tip run, he came round, spread the old inflatables etc over the tidy garden then left so today's job is to re-sort that.
I have a burning desire to learn some DIY as I hate when things need doing but I can't do them. The cupboard doors all came off in the kitchen but need wood screwing to them inside the cupboard before being re-attached as they chipboard has no strength to hold the screws now. But I worry about drilling into pipes... maybe I shall get shorter screws!

Summer term is here so the kids activities are quieter. J finished Junior Strings and will start with a violin in September. Fortunately they have moved his day so he can still do beavers on the Thursday which I am really glad about. D quit her Monday dancing so I have been able to go back to yoga.
Last week, M, A and D did the Lowry summer school where they helped write and perform their own musical. I really enjoyed the show at the end of the week and they had a great time, although getting up early to be there for 10am every day was something I think we would struggle with for many weeks of the year!
On Monday M did a day of percussion and dance with a friend. Theolder girls are booked in for a behind the scenes- technical workshop- at the same venue in a week.

A and D have been hanging out with their home-ed and their church friends separately. They have such a good time but we still have to fit in their Arts Award. I am struggling to make contact with a choreographer or a script-writer for them. We send off many e-mails and mostly don't get a reply or if we do it is a no. A challenge indeed which it is supposed to be!!! A is supposed to be writing and performing a radio play, and D choreographing and performing a dance. Not much work has been done on either and they are supposed to be done for Mid September... time yet as they keep telling me!

This week I took A here and she needs to go back and have some weekly treatments. I am also taking her to the Children's hospital for a heart check-up after some tachycardic events! Fingers crossed.

Right off to sort out those inflatables :-)

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