Sunday, October 18, 2009

Hello again!

I am still here :-)
I won't bother trying to update what has happened since I last blogged as it will all be too much waffle!

A is now 16 (yesterday)!!!
Last Saturday she had a big birthday party with about 30 people here of various ages. They all had a lovely time and most of them had gone home by midnight. A couple stayed over and there was not even too much mess to clean up. A has since been researching new things she can do now she is 16, we were particularly excited by the fact she can now sell scrap metal..... that will be especially useful! On her birthday, I had to work for a few hours (at a pub car park, joy of joys!!) but then when I got home, we headed into Sale together. We got some crisps, dip and birthday cake then sat in a cafe for a while. We carried on the celebrating later on by ordering pizza - which is something we rarely do. It was a very nice day and I don't even feel any older!! We also found out on that day that my friend had her 5th baby!! I have seen the photos and she is soooo cute. It is also A's best friend's new sister so that date in future will be full of celebrations for 2 families :-)

As my life just gets busier I have come to the decision to let go of my allotment. I just can't fit it in and often feel stressed that I haven't been. I don't really have enough time for the garden here so I am letting someone else have a go. I will one day again get an allotment but probably when I am no longer needed so much for the kids. Even though they are older I seem to be spending more time ferrying them to and from places. I suppose as it gets darker now, earlier, I don't like them catching buses alone so am just flowing with it!

We have new added activities now too. A does a writing course on a Monday at the Royal Exchange. She is also doing a Sociology GCSE at a college on Tuesday evening. A and M now have viola(A) and guitar lessons (M), on a Friday which has made Friday the busiest day of the week.
I don't mind being so busy but it does mean my days fly by which is not so good. I am still trying to get up earlier but not managing the 7am I would like. I attempt to go for a 20 minute jog/walk each alternate mornings which always wakes me up. I am considering having my iron levels tested as I do feel tired a lot. Something for the near future anyway!!

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