Thursday, July 29, 2010

TO DO......

It is August, it should be my chilling time but I am about to blog here things that need doing between now and the end of September, mainly as a reminder to myself.

1. One hour a day where possible hacking back Ivy, brambles and other horrible plants in the garden and the removal of grass where it is not supposed to be.

2. De-clutter and sort, small kids bedroom, front and back rooms. Essential purchase for this is IVAR shelving unit, approximate cost:
5 shelves £20, one side unit £10 and back brace £2, totalling £32. Whilst at IKEA I really do need 3 kitchen chairs so will have to gather about £65-£70 before heading there.

3. Decorate at least one of the downstairs rooms - always a big job but needs doing badly. I will probably do the back room first as I am claiming this as my room with no kids stuff in there, that will all be in the front room which I only sit in if I am watching TV though it has a decent sofa. The back room is more Japanese sitting on the floor!

4. Plan what I am doing with M and J come September.

5. Sort out GCSE work for D and juggle money to see about purchasing 4 for her.. eeek, that'll be approximately £280 deposit with 8 installments of £140 then....

6. Look through Adult ed brochures and sort out any courses A wants to do.

7. Sort out my OU course.

8. Clear and sort out shed - need sunny day for that which is not very forthcoming at the moment...

9. Keep looking for part-time job that I can fit around the kids and still home-educate - I will not put them in school but would like 16hrs work a week as I reckon I could juggle it. I pray on this so am not stressing, just trusting.

I think that should keep me busy then, as well as running the kids to various over summer activities and sorting them for holidays. I am also planning a day trip to a beach in Wales to make up for our lost holiday. I have about 8 weeks to get all that done so better crack on!

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