Friday, September 10, 2010

So summer came and went. Wasn't much of one really. The minute a hose-pipe ban was declared, it was mostly grey clouds. I could really do with a holiday after our failed camping trip but will have to make do with staying home as the budget doesn't quite stretch. as usual!

Anyhow, A got her GCSE results. She did really well. An A in Sociology and a B in Biology. She has now registered for 3 more GCSE's at evening/day college and they are all FREE!! She has also enrolled onto the National Diploma in Performing Arts at a college in the city. She only has 2 full -long days and a half day per week so should still be able to fit in all her socialising. It is weird when she is at college as it is a long time to go without seeing her which is something I am having to adjust to. Most people probably go through this when their children start school at 5, at least I got to wait till she was 16.

I have been helping D with her future plans which involve GCSE's as well. I think she will sit Maths next year then do 2 the following year as well as a first diploma at college - this bit I need the LA's help with so am in contact with them. It is weird having to think so far ahead but needs must.
It is getting harder to do some GCSE's via distance learning and many places offer IGCSE's but the exam centres for those are more spread out and expensive.

I am in a bit of a trough at the moment and struggling with the direction I feel my life should be going in. It seems I move forward then get knocked back big style, crushingly, then have to re-build myself and start again. I am crushed right now and struggling to pull myself together but I will. I contemplated and searched for a part time job thinking I can fit that round the home-ed for a few afternoons a week. If something comes up then it is meant to be, if not I will go self-employed. On many days this is the preferred option as I don't want to leave my kids really, but having some income to be able to do anything would be lovely. I am praying a lot on this as well as for many other things.

In fact it feels like I spend more time praying than living right now.


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