Saturday, January 26, 2008

I am going to do lots of little blog posts so that I can remember the details better. I seem to only manage to blog about twice a month at the moment but that is fine. A spends evenings on here, or I am out so I only get chance in the day and even then not for very long.

The river Mersey was placed on flood alert just over a week ago. I have never heard of this in all my life here. We went down to the nearby playing fields - which if you cross, brings you up to the river bank. Here is what we saw :

We reckoned if we had a dinghy we could boat on it but alas we haven't. We tried a rubber ring on a plastic float but the kids just sank lol.

It was at least over the girls' knees at it's deepest part. My Mum's puppy loves swimming in it though: (erm, you will have to turn your head to view it, sorry!!)

She will really miss it when it drains away. We have had a couple of dry days here but it won't take much rain to bring it back to that level as the ground is saturated. I keep meaning to cycle up to the river to get a photo of it, so I will make that a priority!!


Gill said...

Great pics! I didn't realise that was actually the Mersey near you. Is that you in the grey hat? I can't see the person's face. Surely it's not A & D?!

Mrs Darcy said...

Oooh yeah. I'll send you an aerial mulitmap link!!
That is D and her friend. She is nearly as tall as me now. I had my hair cut yesterday and J thought I was her from behind as our hair is similar now ;-)

Gill said...

Thanks for the map :-) Oh wow I bet your hair looks great!

Gill said...
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Deb said...

Coming in really late to laugh at not being able to remember details when you don't blog regularly - that's why I twitter LOL