Sunday, January 13, 2008

Oooops I haven't blogged since last year. Well Happy 2008 everyone xxxxx

One if the reasons of my lack of blogging is my sister and family have been here since December 29th so the house is full and lively. We had a lovely new year's eve together with laughter, dancing and singing. We were like a bunch of crazy happy people but there was no alcohol involved!
Since then all the kids have been hanging out. There have been quite a few shopping trips with another one planned tomorrow.

Last Friday it was D's twelfth birthday. She is about five foot four now, size 7 feet and no longer fits children's clothes!!! We had another mini party on her birthday and then she went off to guides in the evening.
The next day I was up very early to take A to her first new drama class. It is about 7 miles away and we were there for 9am. I was really pleased to hear that she enjoyed it and is happy to go back next week. D and M also started back at dancing. They are having to learn new dances for the show in May followed by exams a week later so there is lots to remember.

Today I again had to get up very early as the girls were helping out at local stables and then getting a free riding lesson in return. I dropped them there for 9am and they were finished for half four. It mostly went okay and again they are happy to do that weekly. So our weekends have become very busy once more but the kids are happy.

A couple of home-ed events start up next week. We have a social meet up and drama class. The big girls have said they may not continue with the drama as most of the stuff is geared for the younger children. But we'll see how it goes.

I am looking forward to taking the children to see the stage production of the Snowman at the Lowry next week. I managed to get some free tickets and M in particular really wanted to see it so that will make a nice evening out. I am also looking forward to the return of my yoga teacher so I can get back to my classes, I am feeling a little out of shape right now and am considering joining the sports centre gym.
Talking of exercise, A in particular was looking to do some more so helping at the stables is great as they have to trot round the ring leading children. I am also looking at signing them up at the leisure centre gym as there is a children's section. But for now they have been doing lots of walking helping their Dad deliver 700 BT phonebooks with another 700 to do next week. Tis all go here!!!

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