Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A decided to host a poker party here last night. Well she decided on Sunday I think. I left it to her to arrange and invite people. I went and got my haircut that day and when I returned I realised I would be hosting 5 other teens that night! D went shopping with her friend and stocked up on olives, cookies, chocolate and pizza as you do.

My friend arrived in the afternoon which was nice. She left one of her kids here, then 2 friends of my youngest turned up for an hour or two. When their Mum collected them she dropped of a teen for the night by which time all were gathered in the back room complete with goodies and poker chips.
I provided sleeping bags and they sorted out the floor sleeping arrangement which meant they all managed to fit in one room. I could still hear them at 1.30am. I had said I didn't want cooking after midnight - mainly so I didn't have extra pans to wash the next day, and I do worry about safety. A is very prone to forgetting about food and has yet to complete the cooking of pasta without me returning back to a pan of disgusting over cooked white mush lol.

All girls were up and out of the house this morning for Ice skating. They left at just after 10am so I reckon they will be exhausted just about now. I am!!!
At the ice rink one girl banged her head on the ice, then D sprained her ankle on the way home running down some stairs. She now can't get around the house very well. We are off to a home-ed meet tomorrow and were buss-ing it so she will probably have to stay home, poor thing - but she likes that sometimes.

I have one extra child here now. I will drop her off later and combine that with some shopping and re-cycling. First I have to do a frugal menu plan and sew some brownie badges on a sash.

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Gill said...

A poker party! Great idea.