Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I am still without computer which is liberating. I do need to unsub receiving e mails from lists though as it is filling up my inbox.
I come to my Mum's, check my mail then delete history before I leave which strangely seems to be enough.

So recently we have been doing all our usual stuff.

We had a nice trip to the cinema on Monday. The older girls saw step up 2 and the younger 2 with me saw Horton Hears a Who which we just thought was fantastic. So I am looking into more dance classes for the girls inspired by their movie!

Yesterday was D's friends birthday so they came over to our house and we had a birthday buffet lunch and much DS gaming went on. I have to sort out getting J one for his birthday at the end of this month. Then I can get mine back and game away on AC!

I have been getting on with the growing. My peas are doing well and other seeds are starting to come up now. I had a great time in y Mum's grrenhouse sowing all my seeds : parsley, fennel, cauliflower, cabbage, chard, spinach, beetroot, basil, squash, borage, calendula. there was more but I forget now! I love gardening but only when it is not really cold out!
Today I spent 2 hours in the garden, weeding and trimming back a bush. It was lovely being outside and was very mild. I may borrow my Mum's car and nip to the allotment this evening. I like going in the day when it is quiet but as my Mum's car is only free in the evenings that will have to do. I won't mind once my plot is sorted but everyone else's are and mine is still a work in progress - due mostly to the fact it is a 10 minute drive from here. Still I have found the rent will be approx £13 for a year which is very cheap so I am happy with that. It is small compared to others plots but I need it small to be manageable.

Right, well I'm off to take M for her swimming lesson soon.
Tomorrow we have french and dancing then yoga for me! After that most home-ed activities start running again. We are off to the police museum next week. I'll let you know how it goes!


Gill said...

Yes, that does sound liberating. Right, I'm switching mine off and planting seeds today. You inspired me! xx

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