Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just a quick post to say that I am without computer for a while. It is not running properly and I don't know how to fix it! I am typing this at my Mum's where I have come for an hour to check my e-mails. I miss my computer .... it is a lifeline in our house.
I plan on doing research here and playing around to see how I can fix it! I shall keep you posted ... or start blogging again in which case you will know it's sorted.

For those with computer know how it takes about 10 minutes to get a page up each time. It has always taken 15 minutes to load all the stuff up when first switched on but it is now rebelling. So if you know anything that may help, please let me know!! Thanks xxxxx


Gill said...


Clear history/cache?
Done a defrag?
Checked how full the hard drive is?

Sorry if teaching Granny to suck eggs, but give me a ring if you want me to go through how to do the above or you can talk to Tom for more technical solutions! xx

Mrs Darcy said...

Hi Gill, I have tried many things. I think it is a problem with a full harddrive. It only has about 8% free space but I'm not sure how to free up another 12% minimum. I should call but it takes 10 minutes to load anything each time so it would be a long process!!!!

Gill said...

How big is the hard drive? Are there any programmes you can remove? I think you ideally need about 50% of free space on a drive. You could click on add/remove programmes in the control panel to get the option to remove some.

Gill said...

Photos and movie files take up loads of space, as do games like Sims. You can upload photos and store them online instead using Flikr or similar, and you can play Sims online for free now! ;-)

Gill said...

Actually I'm wondering if you've got a virus on it or something Lou. It shouldn't be so slow even if your hard drive is 92% full. Is it only online that its so slow, or offline too? Are you running AVG or a similar virus checker? Coming over this way any time soon? Tom would have it fixed in an hour or so I bet..

Questions, questions!