Monday, April 21, 2008

Well my computer now mostly works with bits of freezing. It is better than it was but still not perfect.

The past week has been taken up with bouts of illness. The kids all have had a virus the symptoms of which seem to be loss of appetite, chesty cough, exhaustion and fevers. J's temperature reached 104 last Tuesday. They are mostly recovering now but spend huge amounts of time lounging around in pyjamas. They have been going to a few activities but then come home exhausted. I am fighting it myself. I have the heavy chest and cough and feel a bit spaced out and my eyes hurt. I am trying to take it easy but I still went for an hour walk along the river yesterday - I love that too much to give it up - the dog was very grateful too!
I did also manage to get to the allotment last week and spent hours weeding. I find it very therapeutic sitting in the sun with a trowel, weeding away. I still need to sort out wood to line my plots with. I am making slow progress but never mind, I'll get there.

A and D are starting a 6 week (2hrs weekly) radio training course today with a group of friends. That should be fun. We are also looking to join in with home-ed cricket starting up soon as we don't do much sport and yet we do enjoy bat and ball type games.

Hopefully this week the weather should start to feel more spring like. It was so cold here yesterday I had my heaviest winter coat on! I think we all need a good summer to boost our immune systems. I don't think mine have built themselves up completely from the whooping cough yet. I am off out to buy more Vit C, echinacea and acidophillus today. My cupboard is really like a pharmacy now.


Gill said...

Glad it's working again! Hope you all feel better soon. That illness sounds horrible :-(

cosmic seed said...

Hope the weather is agreeing with you :-) Radio course sounds fab - how's it going?

cosmic seed said...

argh - that's me Tech - poxy blogger won't let me sign in with my name.