Tuesday, May 13, 2008

I think I'll have to resign myself to monthly blog updates from now on. I spend so little time on the computer now and am really very busy.
I find myself wishing for more days in the week. Don't get me wrong there are quiet moments then there are also moments of dashing to one thing, home again and back out. The beginning of our week tends to be relatively quiet. Then we have outings on Weds, swimming, french, dance; Thurs, drama, papers and guides on Friday. Weekends fly by especially as A is working towards the end of term production with her drama group, and D and M working towards the end of year dance show, so Sunday afternoon tends to be my free time when I walk the dog along the river for an hour or so. I would do longer and may do as it gets lighter in the evening.
I was talking to some home-ed Mums I know and one was saying she had cut back and is in 2 days a week now. In fact round here it is a good week if you have 2 days at home lol, but of course usually there is shopping to do as well.

I have been having a hard time emotionally this past month or so. I won't go into it but it involves heavy family stuff. I have reached real lows yet I am carrying on.

I had my sisters 2 lovely children (she has 3 but my eldest niece stayed home to revise for her upcoming GCSE's!!)come to stay for just over a week. A and D were great with the entertainment and I provided all the motherly stuff lol. It was a pleasure to have them here and reminded me how J at 6 is challenging yet a 3 year old is so much more demanding. I love kids but am glad not to have to do all that stage again!!!!

J has had his 6th birthday. M's 9th is on the 29th of this month. I shall then have a 6,9,12 and 14 year old and I only feel 21 myself rofl. Hmmmmmmm, what else???
M and D have just sat there twice yearly dance exmas. D has one more to go. It was great because D has learned to do a bun in her hair and M's is too short so I just have to clean everything and hand it to them now!

I have purchased our first GCSE! Yes we got on that train! I have ordered an English pack for A from Little Arthur. Not sure when she will sit the exam but we are going to see how it goes. She wants to go to college so we are aiming for the English an Maths and maybe one or two more, finances and planning dependent! She and D have been doing hours off maths tutorials on a cd rom we have and managing it. D asked if she could do the maths GCSE now (she loves it) but I explained I personally won't be paying for any until each child is at least 14. I have to budget!!!!!

I hope the photo at the beginning inspires you to look up into the sky. For me there is nothing like hearing the summer swifts and seeing them flying overhead. Truly magical.

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