Monday, June 2, 2008

Everything is going swimmingly here and busy as usual.

Recent activities:

i) M had a go at kayaking in the rain with a home-ed session. She had a wobbly lip before entering the water but I encouraged her and she absolutely loved it. She was a little cold but happy at the end.

ii) The girls are still continuing radio training and enjoying it. They broadcast live on the 23rd June and have the option of a regular show if they wish. They have been practicing with the help of a baby alarm and a box with levers on that they created!

iii) A, M and J had a session of squash the other day which we had not done before. I ended up coaching J as he got frustrated. M beat everybody including the coach, he couldn't believe she hadn't played it before. She might go this Tuesday to have another go at the club.

iv) M turned 9 on Thursday and we held her a birthday party on Saturday. The theme was nintendo so the kids dressed up accordingly. M had made a big pikachu painting and the kids had to pin the tail on. Bless her! With my 4 there was a total of 10 which seemed enough. The weather was nice for it too.

Along with these and the regular dance/drama/french/singing just to name a few, life is good. I'll update again soon lol!


cosmic seed said...

hope you're enjoying your nightly simon king fix :) Tech xx

ruth said...

Sounds busy and fun :)