Wednesday, December 23, 2009

2 sleeps till Christmas and the ground is covered in snow...wonder if it will last and how much money the bookies are going to lose if it does lol.
The downside to the snow is how high I am having my heating turned up. I have now brought fleece blankets downstairs for when it all gets too chilly. The kids have spent lots of time playing in the snow which is great, particularly J who IMO needs to get outside and burn energy off, is doing so well now we have snow. Our road is inches thick in compacted snow and ice so the kids have taken to running up and down it with a sledge. I tried driving in the snow on the first day, down the main road before it was gritted. You couldn't even see the road markings and there was points where the car was sliding so it was not enjoyable.

Last Friday the girls performed their arts award challenge pieces in front of a small crowd. D did her dance and A did her radio play. A is particularly happy as she submitted her play to the Royal Exchange and it has been accepted by the young people's theatre group and will be performed there in May. She gets to oversee it and is looking to forward to it. If she sets her mind to it, I can see her doing really well in performing arts, she just is natural with it.
D has not been dancing for a few weeks as she seems to have a run of bad health. Not long ago she had a terrible eye infection that nearly resulted in IV antibiotics. Last Friday I took her to the doctor as she couldn't breathe and needed antibiotics again for a chest infection. She doesn't do well at this time of the year so I am off today to buy more vitamin C and echinacea.
J has had his share of ill health as he developed terrible exczema. I used some cream from the doctor to clear it up and he has since had a visit to the homeopath where he was issued tablets from a remedy that has only just been created - exciting stuff.
I also caught D's cough and cold but although it has affected my asthma slightly I am on the mend. I have recently taken up jogging 4 times a week and am happy that if I go slow enough I can do a circuit that is approximately 3/4 of a mile but could be more. I am glad the snow has co-incided with my cough so at least I have 2 excuses as to why I can't run.

Anyway, back to arts award. It will be finished and moderated by the end of Jan so the final push is on now to get all the info in the files. The girls have done the practical stuff but need paperwork in files to prove it, this they find hard yet I do not understand why. It has created stress as they sit on Facebook while I moan about putting effort in and getting results out. They are not result motivated and yet they need to be in some way or I am unsure as to what the future will hold. It is those days I find my choice to home-educated hard, but I won't go into it too much here, there isn't any point.

On Monday I had my annual Christmas party. There was about 10 adults, 20 children that all had an enjoyable time. Everyone brought food to share so we had lost of nice goodies.
Yesterday I took M,J and a friend to see Spaceship 87 at the Royal exchange. It was an enjoyable kids play but has yet to beat the Man Who Planted Trees which we just adored.

Off out shopping for milk and last minute stuff shortly. I am at the Lowry again tonight so it will be a late one as I am on sales for White Christmas so won't be in bed by 11 which Is what I need, then it will be CHRISTMAS EVE..


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