Saturday, December 12, 2009

So many blogs, so little time!

I went to an amazing event on Tuesday evening. It was a Copenhagen rally run by the DECC. Ed Miliband, the leader of Manchester council, Friends of the Earth Manchester and a chap from the co-op as well as a journalist from the Guardian were on the panel. They received questions for 2 hours about climate change and Copenhagen and it was really very interesting. I must admit, to not knowing it all as well as I feel I ought, but when statistics produced the other day saying more than half of the population don't believe in climate change I suppose I am one step ahead. I was amazed at how posh the event was, yes there were some eccentrics and a few woolly jumper types but on the whole it was quite an event. I didn't stay around afterwards for wine etc. as I wanted to get home, despite enjoying myself.

Further joy was to be then had because at about 10.45pm. Myself and my 2 daughters watched the parliament channel and the presentation of petitions against the Badman review. It beat any previous record in parliament for the highest number received on a single issue.... I still don't think it will make much difference though. Our numbers are comparatively few and the majority of the UK population will never get home-education or believe we aren't damaging our children. Because of this I do think the government will be able to bring in new legislation. I remember doing my sociology A level that when a sub-culture like ours got too noticeable and large it had to be reined back in and this is what I think they are doing, well that and making it too hard to actually do, which is another story!!

End of term shows:

J did his Junior Strings production on Wednesday. His Dad has been taking him each week, so it was lovely that I got to go this time as I watched him do his show. He performed a couple of songs and 2 basic violin pieces with his group. He is always nervous beforehand but is fine once they are doing it. I love the fact he has this opportunity that is subsidised enough that I can afford it. He now has a few week break.

Yesterday I watched M in her end of term drama production, a Santa play. The group has increased in numbers and worked really well together. The last Friday performance this year will be the girls who have their silver Arts Award showcase challenges to perform next week, then I am finished on a Friday till the 8th Jan. In fact I have from 24th December till the 8th Jan with nothing on and no-where to go which will be great. Lots of reading, sorting and planning going on.
I am however always reluctant to allow all day screen usage during term breaks, as the kids find it hard to turn them off during screen time. In fact our Freeview box seems to have lost a lot of channels but I really don't mind. I would say the computer is more popular but with 5 people sharing one machine, it can be a juggling act!

I am going to get evryone up now as the girls still ahve dancing and I potentially have firemen in UNIFORM calling round. Exciting for a Saturday!!

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