Saturday, December 5, 2009

I haven't got round to putting up a Christmas ticker and it probably isn't worth it. I am feeling very unfestive, probably due to lack of funds which means Christmas will again be a frugal one. I did sit through a showing of White Christmas the musical last week though as I was working the shift. I got a nice quiet door right at the top and only a couple of very late late-comers. I do like musicals but found myself getting a bit bored with this one. 2 hours long with obviously lots of dancing ad music. Aled Jones who is in it was very good though. I wondered how hard it was for him to learn all the dance moves as I am not sure he trained as a dancer.. but I could be wrong!

The girls activities here are plodding along. A is up to date with her Biology. She is also doing Sociology at college. I have discovered though that she is probably dyslexic which until she knew she had this she was fine but now seems angry about it. She is angry about lots of things at the moment and that is another to add to the list. I cope by removing myself from the house occasionally otherwise it drags me into it and I need to be able to keep a certain distance or I am no use to anybody!
The arts award that the older girls are doing is coming to an end yet we still have lots of stuff to get organised. This weekend I shall be writing them large TO DO lists as I want it completed. They have finished their part one challenges. A wrote a radio play and D choreographed a dance. For part two they are running workshops. A is running a writing one and D a choreograph your own dance one. They are scheduled for the 9th Jan - which is dragging me into 2010 before we are even there yet.

In fact I have to purchase next years calendar because I have dates that need to go on there now. In theory it would be easy to choose a calendar but I need one that has a column each for us. In previous years I have used this one

However I am now bored with this one so have been looking at others. Don't think I quite qualify for the Yummy Mummy one rofl, so I may be going to get the Organised Mum's calendar. At least I may feel organised of the calendar says I am :-)

Last week we travelled to Blackpool to visit my friend Libby who has just had her 8th bundle of wonder. Baby Tegan is now about 4 weeks old and was flying out to Bulgaria with her Mum and older sisters to join the rest of the family for the first time. They left last Thursday so on Monday we all headed to their Blackpool home to stay over and do lots of baby holding. She is sooo cute and laid back. I miss holding babies so it was nice to have a cuddle with her. J got to hold his first baby and was smitten. The girls had a great time as they stayed up with their friends watching movies and playing charades at 4 in the morning!! It was worth it though as they are such good friends and now won't see each other till summer next year. Some pics below :


流浪汉 瑜伽 Yoga Tramp said...

wah u hv a nice blog here, nice to meet u friend, i would like to share some yoga pose n knowledge, u r welcome to my hse ;-)

Susie V said...

Hi Louise,

Delighted you enjoyed Aled's performance in White Christmas! I know he puts 200% into everything he does, so he would have been fabulous. To answer your interesting ponderings about his dancing, Aled isn't professionally dance-trained, but he did take part in Strictly Come Dancing back in 2004 where he made it brilliantly to the semi's with dance partner Lilia Kopylova. Prior to Strictly, he admits he couldn't dance a step.

As I mentioned, Aled throws everything into all that he does, and even though the SCD contract required he had to do 6 hrs of training a week, Aled put in an astounding 6-7 hrs per day, as well a being midst one of his concert tours, amazingly one of 40 concerts in 50 days! He's a remarkable man, and I'd be surprised if there was an entertainer more hard-working than Aled...and he's a lovely, unpretentious guy as well.