Saturday, December 8, 2007

Wow, it is December and I have not blogged!!!!!!!

We have been busy as usual. I managed with my Mum's help to paint my kitchen. Before it was a dirty magnolia, now it is crisp white (because it's cheap!!). Next week I am painting my lovely boxroom lilac!

The girls have been doing their usual drama/dance/guides etc.
Last Monday A went to a medical lecture with the guide group. It was all about gasses and she found it really interesting. I would have gone but it was my one free night/day so I didn't want to go out. I actually find it very hard to motivate myself to go out once it goes dark. I just want to stay warm indoors instead. D didn't go as she was in a - for want of a better word - reclusive or one could say creative stage. She stayed in her room, drawing, creating and sewing for days. She is struggling with A's companionship a A has fallen into an evening pattern of sitting on the computer/talking on the phone for hours each evening. Of course this is boring for D but I kindly explained sometimes we have to learn to like our own company. She does get company of others in the day and dancing in the week. She has also started up at guides again. This week they did Christmas crafts and made candles so so far she is enjoying it.

Last Friday was the big drama group production. The girls were there all day but all enjoyed it. M is so shy though so it was a big thing for me to see her on a stage. She doesn't have much confidence so I am hoping the drama will help with that!
Drama is now finished for the year.
Amazingly before the year is out though, we still have a last brownies/guides session, dance classes, 2 trampolining classes, Home-ed Christmas party (120 people!!!), singing session, swimming lessons (must re-book by 14th!) and a home-ed social meet to which as it is cold and wintry I am taking a big pan of soup to share!!

My older girls have spent the last 2 days here helping an artist (home-ed Dad) construct a model of Bethlehem village for a nativity display. They have been painting and plastering and having lots of fun. I am going there next Thursday to take some photos of the finished result (or if I have the energy I will do it on Wednesday as there is a Christmas sing-along we might attend!!) which I will then blog.

The rain is not stopping here so yet again A and I will be soaked whilst doing the papers. I'd like to say I will wait till it stops but having grown up here I know when the day starts very grey and rainy it usually sticks in for all the daylight hours. I just have to resign myself to getting VERY VERY wet!!

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