Monday, December 24, 2007

A right 'ole festive humbug!

Erm, that's me.
This season does not in any way make me feel jolly. I do not understand the mass hysteria and gluttony that takes over people. Why must they stack trolleys full of excess food? The shops are shut for 2 days! Just 2! Surely a loaf of bread and some extra potatoes is enough to keep people going.
D and I hit the mall at 9 this morning as my money only went in today. At that time it was busy enough but not heaving as it would have been later on. I got a few items to tide us over. I haven't really got anything special for Christmas day other than a quorn roast. On the way home we bumped into our neighbour who gave us a lovely tin of organic shortbread. Yummmm!

We have been slightly festive in that we have made Christmas cookies and the kids had fun decorating them yesterday. We have also made a cake and iced that today. Having little money means we bake more so the kids never really feel like they are going without. They don't have an excess of presents either but have about 5 each which means my house doesn't get needlessly cluttered lol!
Christmas tv has been good but tomorrow I think I am only looking forward to Dr Who.
The children's Dad has invited himself to our meal as he paid the £2 for the quorn roast. I plan on escaping to my bedroom for a bit. I hope the kids have a good time.

Merry Christmas everyone xxxxxx Joy and blessings to you xxx


Gill said...

Hope the roast was yummy anyway xx Joy and blessings to you too! Looking forward to Dr Who here too ..

Jules said...

I hope you had a wonderful day, and managed to :o)

Jules x