Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I wonder if my ticker will show how many days to the next Christmas on boxing day ........ Must change it then lol.

Well we are preparing for Christmas. I made my first ever vegan Christmas cake. I made some mini ones too, to try them and they are very nice indeed. The girls have been shopping for presents. I haven't done much shopping but I may nip and do some on Friday. I will probably have to get our food on Monday as that is when I get my money.

Yesterday was our last trampolining of the year. I even got to have a go. I thought we were having to get the bus but my ex dropped the car off at the last minute. I have been managing okay without his car. I borrow my Mum's in the evening or we get the bus/tram. Each trip out either costs £6 for the bus or £3.50 for the tram. It's a matter of budgeting for that. I haven't been to the allotment for a couple of weeks, but I need some wood to make some more raised beds first. That will be my new year project.

We had our home-ed Christmas party. It went fine but was a bit too busy for my liking. I think 50 max would have done but there were more than that. J coped okay because he enjoyed the card making table. We also had badge making and a talent show. The older girls did some parachute games with the younger ones. I have decided I don't feel up to having my annual open house - mainly cos my house is open all year anyway!
Today is the last official activity. We have a home-ed meeting and M's last swimming lesson. We really do have nothing on then. Oh except A who has a few babysitting shifts booked.

More recent stuff, M and D got their dance exam results yesterday. M got commended and highly commended and D got Highly commended and also honours in her tap and national. They have both moved up classes now and the list of things I need to buy is increasing. They need new leotards and tap shoes with double taps. I am going to sit down and make a long list of stuff I need to plan for and do some financial planning, especially as my electric has gone up to £69 a month! It should however be a bit cheaper now my washing machine has packed in. It is a good job my Mum lives at the top of the road as I am nipping there daily with laundry. I'm sure she will get fed up of that pretty soon though! I could always try washing everything by hand in the bath. My neighbour does that. Maybe I could turn it into a home-ed project .... life before useful machinery.......

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