Friday, December 28, 2007

Well Christmas came and went. Christmas day was nice if very tiring. My usually up late kids were waking me at 7.30!! They did relent and then give me till 8 though. Bear in mind they hadn't gone to sleep till nearly 2am!
We came down and they opened their pressies. An assortment of DS games, books, dvd's etc. J has not put my DS down since he loves Pokemon Pearl.
My Mum and Dad popped in for a brew and some cake and we all said Merry Christmas to my sister and family on the webcam.
After our veggie meal there was lots of TV viewing as is customary!! R came round to see the kids from 3pm onwards but it didn't spoil my day.
On boxing day R took the kids to his sister in laws where they saw some other family members. He has just recently took them to see his family so they are getting a bit familiar with them. All this after 14 years!! He mentioned the other day he'd like to take the older 2 girls to Spain some time in the spring. His Mum has an apartment there. I am just relieved he doesn't want to take the younger 2 as that requires too much trust. At least I trust A and D to look after themselves/each other.
So on boxing day I had a couple of hours of me time, very nice.

Now it is all back to normal! I went food shopping and the shops were not too busy. Hurrah!
I popped in to say hello to a friend yesterday and took the kids. A stayed here transforming her bedroom and putting her dismantled bed back up. I think D is planning to do the same today.
While at my friends house D managed to link her DS up and get extra fruit for our animal Crossing. If you play the game you will understand how exciting that is lol.

We are all getting ready for the arrival of my sister and family at the weekend. Good times ahead indeed.
Before then I am reading this book so then I can lend it to my sis. Must plod on with that then.

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