Monday, February 4, 2008

It is all very quiet here. This is normal for most average households but here there is usually activity at this time of the evening, not least the girls grabbing food. However A and D went to stay at their friend's house in Blackpool on Sunday so their absence is very noticeable. They will be back on Friday but I am not sure how and when, the details will become clearer when I speak to them later on this week.

I have just watched wife swap on channel 4 on demand. I wanted to watch it as it was a homeschooling eco family that lived in Spain on a boat. I must admit that kind of low impact living really used to appeal to me (without the animal useage/killings of course). But really it doesn't any more. I do like some mod cons : my washing machine (though it is currently broken), running tap water, internet access, cooker that I can turn on quickly, electricity etc. though I am aware how privileged I am to have all that. Yes I am concerned about the environment and do what I can. I would love a more eco house with a wood burning stove that heats water, solar panels, wind turbine, rainwater flushing toilet etc but those are not things at my disposal right now. I can just about manage that kind of living when we are camping but it is then always such bliss to come home!

M, J and myself are having a quiet week with some social outings planned. Today they came to get some shopping with me which we just about managed thanks to the purchase of a veggie sos roll and a cheesestring. If I provide them with regular nibbles we can just about go anywhere!
Yesterday we went to a local water park and had hot chocolate and ice cream- their choice of course. Tomorrow we are going to an indoor play area for a couple of hours then on Wednesday a home-ed walk round a different water park. So a good combination of fresh air and play for all of us.

I have been doing lots of reading the past few days. I am reading this : to M and J as and when they will listen and this :to myself. Bliss, especially when done with a fresh brew and some chocolate!


Gill said...

Oh I wish I'd seen that wife swap! I wonder if it's being repeated any time.

Mrs Darcy said...

You can catch it on the website but you would have to download 4OD which thanks to A we have. It is like the BBC service where you can watch the last 7 days for free.