Tuesday, February 5, 2008

do you think if I went to the DWP and told them I wanted to train in NLP and EFT and offer it free they would pay for me??? Rofl!


india said...

ive done some nlp and now want to do some eft to help my patients....do you really think you would like to do this ( i know it was partly a joke what you wrote) x

india said...

ps i looked at that edge thing, but it seemed a bit vague...what do you think? finn is not overkeen on academic work ( though loves the sociability of school) and so i am looking at various options for the future. let me know if you think its useful

Gill said...

Lou I think it's seriously worth a try!

(Let me know if you need any volunteer subjects to practice on!)

Mrs Darcy said...

Hi India, yes I am really interested in NLP and EFT, I use them in my life and they have really helped me through some very rough times.
But there are so many things I would like to do, work for the RSPB,BTO,WWT etc, work for myself, not work but be productive and nearer self sufficiency etc. The list goes on ;-)
Gill, I'll keep you posted. I have my "interview" on Monday so am printing off bits from the consultation response to take. I have an awful feeling my advisor is my ex best friend from school .... but I hope I am wrong!