Saturday, February 23, 2008

This week has again zipped by and I can only remember chunks of it. I do know that I had a bad migraine on Monday or maybe Tuesday. Fortunately they are rare and I am okay now.

I managed to get out in the garden in the week and build 4 sides of a raised bed for the allotment. Unfortunately I won't have access to a vehicle next week to get them there but hopefully I can build some more sides here instead. I had started out measuring the beds but now to save wood I am building the sides determined by the length of wood. It is all scrap wood I am using donated by my friend. It has been quite rewarding sitting in the garden hammering and sawing. At one point J stuck his head out of his bedroom window and asked if I could hammer more quietly ....erm, NO!! lol!

A an D went to a book signing at the Trafford centre on Wednesday for an ex tits model who now has her own show. I think you know the one I mean!!! Don't want to mention her name on here as then goodness knows who will find my blog by googling her name.
Anyway they queued from 2pm even though the signing was for an hour at 5pm. The queue ended up massive with hundreds waiting (WHY????). A was very disappointed as said woman turned up 45minutes late and then hurriedly signed books without even glancing up/talking to/interacting with the people who had queued for hours. Apparently Billie Piper had been much more friendly. I explained to A that sometimes the fantasy is better than the reality. But they had wanted to go and had done it so there was some (strange) sense of achievement!

We had a great day yesterday as a home-ed Dad ran an editing/animation workshop for the kids. It was fab. M and a boy spent ages sat photographing toys and moving them a fraction. Windows movie maker (free!!!) was then used to animate it. The older one also had fun filming the same kind of thing only using themselves instead of toys. We were there from 10.30 til 2.30 and when I got home I downloaded Pivot for the kids to have fun with. M again made an animation last night that was very creative.

A and D went to watch a guides/scouts gang show in Altrincham last night. They didn't get back til nearly 11pm and said it was fantastic. They are all out now as I type at dance/drama. I was looking forward to a free Sunday tomorrow but the dance school has started scheduling extra dance classes to fit in show work as well as exams so my 2 children have 5 hours of classes there tomorrow as well as nearly 4 today!!! That should keep me busy lol.

All in good time to relax for my birthday on Monday :-)


india said...

hoep you had a nice bday yesterday lou!

'EF' x said...

LOL-re your 'careful wording' (ex-tits-model) to avoid wierd web searches for the starlet not named.

Your blog is a good read, I haven't been over for an age but it's nice to hear you are all alright.

Did you get the password I sent you? Am paranoid that someone posing as you emailed me for it and/or that I emailed it to a wrong email address...

Mrs Darcy said...

Thanks India, it was lovely!

EF yes thanks, it was me ;-)