Monday, March 17, 2008

We have now added home-ed French to our weekly routine. We love it. It is run by a Mum who is French and she mixes all ages and has us repeating things in French, singing songs, and doing a run around warm up with instructions in French. It is an hour long on Thursdays and I find it is helping me brush up on my school French.
Consequently with swimming, lunch, French, then me taking D to dance then out to Yoga, I have to be very organised on a Thursday. Last week I had a bad migraine by 9pm as I had just not had enough to eat. I am getting bored with food as I end up cooking what the kids want and eating a bit but it is not really what I want. I plan to resolve this by writing a menu for me from my cookbooks today.

On Friday I clocked up about 3 hours driving as I dropped a group of 6 kids at a pool 40 minutes from here for their friend's birthday. I then drove back to Manchester and repeated the whole thing an hour later. The girls both had fun and the friend's Dad presented me with a big piece of cream cake when I arrived to collect them. That fuelled me for the drive home lol!

Spring is definitely in the air now, hurrah!
Yesterday the girls helped me make lots of little paper pots with this (borrowed from a friend and now on my wishlist lol). Today we plan on sowing the beans and peas and I await my other seed order from the organic gardening catalogue. I hope to get some potatoes in on the allotment but have not discussed borrowing the car from R so fingers crossed on that. I have also been building more sides for beds for the allotment so I hope to bed those in ('scuse the pun!). I ran out of one nail though so am off to the shops in a moment as I don't like unfinished jobs.

Other than that the girls are planning their summer holidays. Well we did see the sun briefly yesterday so that must have set the whole thing off rofl!!!

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