Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Well what a beautiful day it was today and I managed to spend quite a lot of it outside.

I decided to make nettle soup for lunch so I went for a stroll through our local cemetery. The sun was shining on me, there was hardly any breeze and there is just a riot of beautiful birdsong at this time of year that just lifts me.
I collected the nettles from a wild area then headed home to make lunch. Of course only I ate the soup. A won't eat any green soup, D just looked at it but it was very yummy and I have some left for tomorrow. I took a (blurred) photo of it before it was cooked and blended - you get a smoother end product than what you see in this photo lol.

After lunch we headed to the allotment which was really busy. I think the kids were disappointed as they are used to it just having a couple of people there but there was a tree pruning course happening and both the plots either side off mine are now being worked and their owners were there along with many others.

I met one of my new "neighbours" called Mike. He has had the plot for a month and already all his beds are professionally built from scaffolding planks and ready to plant. It put my scrap wood, un-level ones to shame but as long as I get to grow some stuff I'll be happy. I dug in a square bed and managed to nearly finish my longer one. I say finish as it is quite un-level so I will adjust that when I next go back. I'm not too fussed about it being level really though. Nature isn't level and immaculately tidy. I'd like to keep that theme going with my plot.

I managed about an hour and a half there and the girls planted 12 potato plants so it is a start. The kids then got bored so we headed home. Next time I might go alone and with a flask and maybe my wind up radio.

There is some really good stuff on Radio 4 isn't there! I want to listen to this about Dyscalculia tonight!


india said...

when i have a migraine, that lasts days, and im in bed on my own with my head going off in odd places, i put radio 4 on and listen to all manners of other realities going on outside my head...and it keeps me sane...and informed

Gill said...

I keep saying we'll make the soup soon, but we haven't yet! It's definitely a 'start of spring' ritual though, isn't it?

Minnie said...

Don't suppose you'd let me have the recipe for the soup would you, please?

Mrs Darcy said...

Yes Gill, it really lifts me doing this each year.The whole process, like the fresh new year of spring then summer is a coming! I love it.

Sure Minnie.
Firstly I found this very interesting site :
http://community.discovery.com/eve/forums/a/frm/f/8981916228 (copy and paste). That has a recipe.

I basically do my own version depending on what I have in. Usually I cook up an onion (or leek) and garlic. Then I add celery and potatoes(I never use many potatoes though). I cleaned the nettles in a bit of water, threw them in, (a couple of -large-ish- handfuls of young shoots) then added a pint of vegetable stock and coooked til the potatoes were done. I then add a splash of soya milk and blend - voila. Fab stuff!

Mrs Darcy said...

Lol India about radio 4. Useful for migraines!!!