Monday, March 3, 2008

Okay, so it's official I am now 35!!!! I had a nice quiet birthday and love my new radio. I invited 2 local friends over and they came with their kids and we sat at a table of nibbles for most of the afternoon chatting. I have photos but will upload them later as they are still on my Mum's camera. I made a nice vegan chocolate cake and sang to myself lol - well why change the habit of a lifetime.

D had a bad knee injury last week when she fell over outside. She has had to miss dancing again. The poor girl is rather accident prone as her drama teacher pointed out. She has been using a crutch but after nearly a week can bend her leg a bit and walk again. She wants to go ice skating tomorrow but I'm not sure that is a good idea.
In fact now we have stopped doing the home-ed trampolining we are going to the home-ed ice skating tomorrow instead. The beauty is we won't do it weekly it will be dependant on the finances.

The girls all had a go at making vegan sushi last Tuesday. They were running the Brownies' thinking day and were doing Japan and USA as their countries. So my kitchen appeared to have sushi rice all over and boy is it sticky. I still keep finding bits. It turned out rather well and I tried some. I loved the nori sheets but then I love seaweed - fab stuff. We are definitely going to make some again.

Friday was extra busy as we had drama in the morning and animation in the afternoon at a different venue. It went well. The young ones were making short animations and the bigger kids were mixing plasticine to make models they are going to animate. That is a slow process, slower then the animation as it takes so long to even get the stuff slightly warm.

I saw a great show at the Lowry on Saturday night by these guys. It was all about global warming. It certainly drew an interesting crowd as well which always makes for a fun night.

Other than all that we have been having sleepovers, guests, singing, quick draw art workshops etc. This week looks set to be as jam packed. I think I should just accept we now have a very hectic lifestyle and run with it!!!


'EF' x said...

IKWYM about sushi rice. The one that makes me ban it is when I have a load stuck to the bottom of my wooly socks. Tastes nice, just doesn't feel nice on bottom of socks.

'EF' x said...

Oh and ps: happy birthday (35 is an ace age to be) and you are tagged. (Though also welcome to say: 'No fanx me no like tags').

Gill said...

Oh blimey Lou, Happy birthday 3 weeks later! *Rolls eyes @ self!*

And to Manda too. Will go there to tell her that!