Saturday, November 24, 2007

I have been having a big sort out of the house. Consequently there are 8 bin bags in the hall for the charity shop so I am hoping to find one that collects. I won't ring them till I have done my kitchen cupboards as I reckon I can get another half a bag from that too! It will look good when I finish but the bit that is taking time is my paperwork and 2 boxes of miscellaneous small bits, play money, marbles etc. I also have plans within the next month to paint my kitchen and bedroom. I think I am doing the kitchen next week. I have decided to just paint it white because it is cheap and when it gets mucky easy to just paint one wall, the one near the bin usually needs that the most.

A and D have been busy with rehearsing their play they are performing next Friday at a local theatre with the home-ed drama group. They have another rehearsal on Monday then the event next week. I am trying to make M a mole mask this weekend for her play (performed first at the same place) and sort out something for A who is a Lion/Human! It will be in a proper theatre so I hope they enjoy it.

M has been doing lots of magic tricks, her favourite thing at the mo. Especially as I found all the bits for her kit though I think she has mislaid the cards again.
J's favourite thing is gaming on Pokemon and playing chess. I played my first ever game with him last night which I won with a bit of help from him (my 5 yr old!!!) explaining how to castle and why. He loves chess and I heard him telling a home-ed Dad yesterday how that was his favourite thing!

I am supposed to be doing papers today so am not very impressed it is raining. In the nearly 3 years we have been doing them we have rarely had to do it in the rain but I think today may be one of those days.

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