Saturday, November 3, 2007

Maths club on Monday, the kids did some (a very teeny amount) of work using a number line. Mine didn't take part but I was fine with that. Maths taught in that way on paper sat at a desk is NOT the best way my kids learn. I had mainly gone to collect spare keys for that place from the caretaker. I didn't make it to the allotment as a friend popped round to visit in the afternoon. She helped me sort the top drawer of my filing cabinet out. Only the jam packed bottom one to go. I really need 2 days in to do some sorting but I think Sunday is the only free day next week. By that I mean tomorrow. But we may pop into family choir? or not! Whilst I enjoy singing I'm not sure my girls do. The woman who did our family choir yesterday runs an adult only one on a Wednesday that I would quite like to try. Other than that I shall carry on singing in my kitchen instead!

After trampolining on Tuesday (A nor D went) I left the 2 younger ones at my friends for the afternoon. Rick had put D on a train to Blackpool to stay with a home-ed family and her friend there whilst I was at trampolining. She had gone by the time I got home. I then took the big 2 (one of them being my niece) to have their hair done. Needless to say the 2 teen girls loved this and spent a lot of time photographing themselves and posing! No change there then lol.

On Halloween we had our home-ed social meet in the afternoon then headed to a hall we hired and had a small party. We had made a banner for it and took food to share. Was good fun. A then went babysitting whilst the younger 2 went trick or treating round at my friends. I have never seen so many kids out dressed up as I did on that night. We only got 2 groups here so I handed them some chocolate eyeballs - as you do.
Note to self, buy pumpkin a week in advance next year so can get a big one for 99p instead of a small one for £2!!!!

Thursday spent all day with M at hospital having suspicious bruising on her legs checked out with blood tests and trauma. Was okay in the end as everything came back clear. HARD DAY.

On Friday at Drama my niece presented the play she had spent hours writing. It has been accepted for the kids to perform so she is very happy. She deserves it as it is a good script, I think she is very talented. She goes home tomorrow and it will seem a big empty space when she is gone. I hope she will be back before too long but her family must have missed her too!

I am working a shift tonight and have been doing dance runs on the bus and am feeling a wee bit tired so may sneak half an hour rest this afternoon - after a bit of housework.
Must blog more but teens have discovered msn again and I can't get on here!!

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