Thursday, November 15, 2007

I had a friend and her children come and visit on Monday so that totalled 8. Then on Tuesday a different friend and assorted children came round and that was 11. Tee hee, mostly a house full which makes quiet moments rare but happiness plentiful.

D sat her 4 dance exams over the weekend and seemed to enjoy doing them. She took her bronze tap which since she has never done the lower grades and only started that in April, I think she has picked it up very quickly. I think M's exams may be this weekend. She only has 2. Then it will be time to replace the shoes and leotards as they have grown ... again.
In fact whilst ordering the girls some jeans they are both now too big for most kids clothes so I had to order women's jeans. D is only 11 but the height of a 14 year old with VERY long legs, so the adult length is fine for her. I don't mind buying them as they mostly wear jeans and have 2 pairs each and being adult sizes should last a while - I hope!

Last night I took D, her friend and my Mum to watch Falstaff opera at the Lowry. I got free tickets which would have cost £35 each!!!! It was fun except when a grumpy old man turned to D and R, pointed to them and said "shut up"!!!! How rude. They weren't even talking but may have rustled a sweet wrapper. I didn't find this out till after the show which was a good job for that man I say. I hate disrespectful adults. Children are people too and should be spoken to with kindness and respect IMO. Pity he didn't realise that.

The older two walked the mile and a half to the local baths at 9am this morning to meet their friends for swimming. Not bad seeing though they had kept me awake til 2am!!!! They didn't make it back but have de-camped at a friend's house where they want me to collect them when I can get hold of a car. The younger two are playing noisily and happily with geo-mags.
I am about to attempt operation kids bedroom armed with binbags in a mo. Must take my allergy spray as that kind of thing always sets me off sneezing.

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