Thursday, November 8, 2007

Did you see his face light up when he spotted the wild boars??? Gosh I LOVE that man!!!
Yes I am of course talking about Simon King. Do you know he has no qualifications but got where he is because of a passion for what he does, truly inspires me that does.

I have been thinking about nature stuff recently. I adore all things natural and want to broaden my knowledge so spend time collecting and ID'ing. I was very pleased when we attended a Make A Difference day event a week or so ago. There were 4 trees with leaves to identify and I got them all correct. I know they weren't especially difficult ones but I was happy none the less!
My kids like certain events that are run outdoors but I want to find ways of letting kids do activities that are really fun for them. Unless nature is your passion, seed collecting and coppicing etc. can be hard work and boring. So I am digging out my woodcraft book and Earthways to see if I can come up with some fun ideas. A bit of browsing the web will be fun too. I would do that for a living really. Getting kids playing/creating outdoors. All kids like to play but my sister did a giant art attack of a fox with autumn twigs and leaves and I think that would appeal to lots of kid. Gives me stuff to ponder anyway which is always good.

My niece has finally gone home. My sis and family popped up to collect her and they stayed for a couple of nights. The girls - my 2, their cousin, D's friend and E's friend all headed into Manchester on Saturday then came back here so their room was full for the night. 5 in one room. Unfortunately that night D vomited all over her bed (YEUCCCCH!) at half 3 so I was shifting kids around, clearing vomit, spraying vinegar, lighting incense and cursing. I think D was super tired after having been away for 2 days then staying up late here. I also think she had over indulged on Halloween and all this resulted in her being sick then sleeping for most of the next 30 hours. She bounced back and was well for her last stage class on Monday though. Her exam is on Saturday and I am working so will arrange a lift for her there.

A went off to Blackpool to see her friend on Monday. She is coming back today. Meanwhile today, D went swimming and is at her friend's house now. M has gone to see Angelina Ballerina Ballet with my friend for a treat so it is just J and me for a bit. He is waiting for his Dad as when they collect A from the station they are popping into a games shop ever hunting for bargain games for him. That is his highlight to the day.

I have felt groggy the past 3 days. I suffered from my severe dog allergy on Monday and spent quite a bit of time in bed. I have then had headaches for the past 2 nights/mornings which is not pleasant. It is only made bearable by my 4-head which I would be lost without. I recommend it if you suffer from headaches. Often that is all I need to knock it on the head!!! without taking ibuprofen. It is good stuff.

Well a quiet moment means I should probably tackle last nights pots and laundry! It's all fun here!!


Crunchy said...

LOL Although I don't swoon over Simon King (usually), I have to say, I was gooing a bit over him when I saw the sheer delight and joy on his face when he saw the boars and I told Dave there is something that is so very attractive about a man that gets pure joy from nature like that *swoon*

Crunchy said...

Wow your clustr map is FULL!!!!!!

Elle said...

Like the look of Earthways, right up our street. Is it really only 44 sleeps 'till Christmas? Arh! Elle