Wednesday, November 21, 2007

I think I'll just blog about yesterday as it was very busy and my mind doesn't seem able to stretch back beyond that.
I was up very early (for me) as I had to drop M at a friend's house for 8.45. My friend was taking her into Manchester with some other home-ed kids to the Royal Exchange theatre to do a behind the scenes tour and workshop. By taking her in it meant I didn't have to squash on the tram at rush hour.
The older girls were doing the same workshop in the afternoon so they came into Manchester with me at 11. We wanted to get under 16 bus passes but we couldn't find a passport photo booth anywhere. The one at Woolworths didn't work. I think I will try and print something off and post the applications instead.
My friend from Blackpool was travelling into Manchester yesterday for a meeting so I met up with her and we went to the Art Gallery cafe for a brew and a natter. That was very nice! J, bless him sat there patiently while I chatted which I later thanked him for.
We headed the girls off to the theatre for their workshop. They were travelling back home on the bus with friends so we could do our own thing. J, M and I had a quick wander around the Christmas market but to me it mostly looked like lots of beer houses and sausage stalls so we didn't stay long. J was also freaked out by the singing moose's head on a stall. LOL!!!

I collected the girls later from their friends house and brought 2 extra back here. The older ones all ate and complimented my curry, WOW! I then took M and her friend to brownies, did our tetrapak recycling and headed home.

When I had all kids back later on I was showing them centile charts for height. A then measured all the kids and I plotted them on the chart and worked out their predicted adult height.
Basically all mine are at the top end of the chart on height. I was explaining how these charts are not that accurate but it was fun seeing what height they might grow to . J's was 6ft 2 1/2. M's was 5ft9, D's 5ft 9 1/2 and A was 5ft7. I actually expect them to be taller than that as they just keep shooting up!!! We also spent a lot a lot of time using an online converter to convert cm to ft and inches. A then rang her friend who was also looking at the charts. I last heard them discussing weight charts!

The last thing I did last night was watch J play on his PS2 Incredibles game. I had a quick go on it but my attempts were very amateur compared to his. He is VERY good. So is M apparently.
Oh and I also watched M do some magic tricks. She loves doing them so is getting this for Christmas.

More later xxx

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Crunchy said...

Your Clustr map is craaazy!!!!! U can no longer see the world just red- maybe lots of Simon King fans visiting the piccies?????